Daisuke Matsuzaka reversed his trend of seeing his ERA raise with each of his starts, as the Japanese righthander held the Blue Jays to just one run over seven innings while striking out eight in the Red Sox 9-3 win in Toronto last night. Matsuzaka improved to 4-2 on the season with a 4.80 ERA.

Gordon Edes has Matsuzaka restoring order to his world, and Toma Ohka left frustrated in front of the Japanese media and fans once again. Jeff Horrigan notes that an unconventional game day training routine perhaps helped Matsuzaka get back on track last night. Sean McAdam has the mad scientist efforts by Matsuzaka to figure out his struggles paying off with a very good performance last night. Jeff Goldberg has Matsuzaka making some technical adjustments heading into last night’s start. Bill Ballou says the Red Sox are scary when they make it look this easy.

Nick Cafardo has Terry Francona urging Curt Schilling to “zip it a little” when it comes to speaking his mind. Cafardo also uses this occasion to remind the public “how dangerous unedited blogs can be” – even though this whole latest mess started when Schilling opened his mouth on the radio. Michael Silverman notes that this edition of the Red Sox is impressive in their ability to shut out the circus-like atmosphere that has surrounded them this season.

Silverman has Schilling, David Ortiz and Francona having to deal with the fallout of the steroid talk from earlier in the week. Goldberg examines Schilling’s public apology to Barry Bonds yesterday. Christopher Price also looks at Schilling’s apology.

Cafardo looks at Matsuzaka’s improved performance last night, and notes the many adjustments he’s been trying make and says that Dice-K became a good pitcher again last night. Horrigan has J.P. Ricciardi saying that the Blue Jays will do all they can to play tonight’s game with the roof open in an effort to avoid facing Tim Wakefield in a dome. Alex Speier says that Wakefield might have a shot at the Red Sox all-time wins record held by Cy Young and Roger Clemens. At his current pace, he could reach the mark in early 2011 at the age of 44.

Bob Ryan wants to know what the punishment is going to be for players found to have used steroids once George Mitchell’s much ballyhooed investigation eventually wraps up. Buddy Thomas says Roger Clemens won’t be enough of a difference for the Yankees.

Get the view from up North in the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail

Horrigan’s notebook has a look at Mike Lowell becoming the top opposing hitter against the Blue Jays with at least 100 at-bats. Edes’s notebook has Ortiz and Francona frustrated with how the media has latched onto the slugger’s comments earlier in the week about steroids and whether he has ever used them. McAdam’s notebook has a look at Schilling’s apology to Bonds on his blog.


John Tomase has a look at Patriots fourth round pick Kareem Brown, and has his position coach at Miami saying that New England might’ve gotten the steal of the draft in the defensive lineman.

Mark Blaudschun and Lenny Megliola look at the memorable week for Doug Flutie, as he was elected to two Halls of Fame in two different countries.

Mike Fine says that there is a lot of things in sports that he just doesn’t “get.”

Michael Vega looks at the Boston Cannons’ rock and roll superstar Mike Powell.

Bill Reynolds says that a new book on the Duke Lacrosse case chronicles the sad state of our society today.

Douglas Flynn has the Providence Bruins relying on a ragtag lineup in the AHL playoffs thanks to a rash of injuries.

Bill Doyle has WTAG radio host Mike Messina (“the moose”) making a name for himself.