Michael Paulson on Boston.com reports that the Boston Globe has suspended sportswriter Ron Borges for two months without pay for plagiarism.

The Globe’s editor, Martin Baron, said Borges had included in his ‘‘Football notes’’ column last Sunday material written by a reporter for the News Tribune of Tacoma, Wash.

“‘The Globe does not tolerate plagiarism,”’ Baron said in a statement. “Extensive passages written by the Tacoma reporter were used verbatim in the column by Borges, and that is prohibited.”

According to the article, Borges is also barred from broadcast appearances over the next two months.

While Cold Hard Football Facts has been leading the charge on this, and really gone a long way in getting this story out there, it appears the issue was first noted in this ESPN.com messageboard post by a Seattle fan and trickled out from there to various other boards and websites.