OK, maybe this Borges thing has some legs, after all.

The Editor and Publisher has picked up the story, and Globe Sports editor Joe Sullivan says that they are looking into the allegations that Borges copied another writer’s work.

Should we demand that the Globe give us more information than the statement that Sullivan issued? Doesn’t he owe it to the fans to explain? It is rather amusing to see he and the Globe on the other side of things here.

Adam Reilly on the Phoenix Media Log also has a look at Ron Borges lifting paragraphs from a Tacoma News Tribune story by Mike Sando, and says that he has a call into Globe editor Marty Baron and Borges himself for comment on the issue. Jessica Heslam in the Herald Messenger Blog also has a request into the Globe.

I still think that the Globe will try to brush this off, that Borges really won’t face any major punitive actions here, but the more publicity that this gets, the more likely that the Globe will have to take some action, beyond the usual “clarification” that would’ve most likely run had this just been noticed by a few people.

I wonder if the sports copy desk (no pun intended) gets thrown under the bus for this incident…

The other thing about this, is that this happens quite often in the Sunday Notes columns. It is not unusual for some Globe writers to grab material from other sources and dump it into the column, and then hide under the disclaimer at the end of the column. It is something that has bothered me for some time.

Deadspin has picked up on this story as well.

David Scott says that it is time for Borges to be suspended, if not fired by the Globe.

The Cold Hard Football Facts blog is publishing emails as they come in on the matter. My own inbox is filling up with emails on the topic as well.

I’ll try to keep you posted as things continue to develop on this issue.


Bella English held a chat on Boston.com regarding her interview with Bill Belichick in yesterday’s Globe.

Speaking of Bella, she repeated in the story yesterday another item that seems to have become taken as gospel in some quarters when she stated that Belichick was seen “Brushing past a victorious Peyton Manning after losing the AFC championship to the Indianapolis Colts.”

This photo would indicate that Belichick did more than simply “brush past” Manning.


Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback leads with a look at the Adalius Thomas contract.

Don Banks also has some snap judgments from the first weekend of free agency.

ESPN Ombudsman George Solomon has his monthly column on the network, focusing this time on the network’s blanket coverage of John Amaechi’s recent revelation that he is gay.

Richard Sandomir doesn’t know who DirecTV can improve the Extra Innings package as they have promised to do.

David Barron has more on the DirecTV-MLB marriage.

Neil Best looks at Jason Whitlock’s take on NBA All Star weekend in Las Vegas.

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