As posted here last night, the Globe suspended sportswriter Ron Borges for two months without pay last night after looking into allegations that he had plagiarized part of the Globe Sunday Football Notes column this past weekend.

Michael Paulson has the story in the Globe, and Jessica Heslam reports in the Herald.

Dan Kennedy weighs in on the situation on his blog, and wonders if Borges might end up quitting over this. He also says it is time to reword and clarify the disclaimer that appears in the Notes columns.

David Scott says Borges got off easy with this one.

Dan Lamothe says Borges makes journalists look bad (again) with this incident and should’ve received more than a slap on the wrist.

On Pro Football Talk, (scroll down to 8:48pm last night) it is suggested that Borges could lose his spot on the NFL Hall of Fame selection committee.

Red Sox

Jon Lester took to the mound to take part in a game for the first time this spring yesterday, and did quite well for himself, only needing eight pitches to get through an inning of a “B” squad game against the Twins. Nick Cafardo has the story in the Globe. Steve Buckley looks at things starting to return to normal for Lester after a winter of cancer treatments. Sean McAdam has Lester taking a first step in the right direction yesterday. Jon Couture says that through the results were good, they hardly matter in the big picture. Jeff Goldberg has more on Lester settling back into baseball life.

Bob Ryan has a look at Dodger manager Grady Little, who is happy in Los Angeles after having gotten a second chance at managing. Michael Silverman has J.D. Drew lamenting the way things went down in his departure from the Dodgers.

Buckley has Josh Beckett working on using his breaking ball more, while avoiding the blisters that have plagued him in the past. Joe Haggerty has Jonathan Papelbon ready for his new/old role as a starter. Bill Reynolds remembers one of the boys of summer who recently passed, former Dodger Clem Labine. David Sandora talks to Johnny Damon about life in New York.

Cafardo’s notebook has the Sox feeling that they’ve figured out the cause of Josh Beckett’s blister problem, and has Nomar Garciaparra greeting old friends. Silverman’s notebook have the Red Sox and Dice-K trying to settle into a routine, and more from Nomar. Couture’s notebook has more on the Sox getting to the source of Beckett’s blister woes.


Mike Reiss notes that while some may feel that the Patriots actions the last few days are out of character, in reality it is all business as usual for the franchise.

Michael Felger reports on the Patriots bringing in receiver Wes Welker via trade, and having another receiver, Donte Stallworth come in for a visit. Albert Breer says that the pursuit of Welker, along with the courting of Stallworth shows that the Patriots won’t be caught unprepared should Troy Brown call it a career. Shalise Manza Young also looks at the trade for Welker, which cost the Patriots two draft picks, a second and seventh round selection. Alan Greenberg also reports on the Patriots “relentless” pursuit of Welker.

Eric McHugh looks at the Patriots deciding to treat themselves in the first days of free agency. Reiss’ notebook has more on the trade for Welker and has a few other Patriots notes.

Gerry Callahan says that the Patriots would be crazy NOT to consider adding a talent like Randy Moss to the roster. He says Belichick is interested in Moss, basing that on John Tomase’s report in the Herald yesterday. But a quote in an ESPN story yesterday warned about accepting such reports as face value:

Said the source: “I’d be very cautious about how I treat second- or third-hand information about what’s going on in the mind of Belichick when it comes to this stuff. Unless you’re hearing it directly [from Belichick], you’re taking a big leap. It happens every year with the Patriots, about free agency and draft plans, a lot of agendas and speculation that rarely end up happening.”


Peter May says that the recent four game winning streak has put the lottery talk out of the minds of the Celtics. Steve Bulpett also says that the Celtics have forgotten about the draft pick and just gone about playing ball.


Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the Bruins putting things together and making a push for the playoffs at just the right time. Stephen Harris says that the Bruins do believe that they have a shot at getting into the playoffs and making a little noise.