Ups And Downs

Alright, we’ll get the ugly stuff out of the way first. Bruins come up short in game 7. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Stephen Harris, Douglas Flynn and Joe McDonald have the game stories from the 2-0 loss at the Fleet. Despite all the hope heading into the playoffs, Kevin Paul Dupont says the chemistry still wasn’t right for the Bruins. Karen Guregian says that Joe Thornton should be praised for just getting out on the ice at all in this series. Michael Holley looks at another Bruins season ending with a whimper. Steve Conroy looks at Andrew Raycroft taking the playoff loss very hard, though it’s hard to put any blame upon the young goaltender. Ron Indrisano says Raycroft was standup in this series. Joe Gordon looks at the efforts of Sergei Samsonov. Steve Buckley has a pay column saying that first round flops are commonplace for Thornton and the Bruins. Andy Nesbitt says the Canadiens just kept growing in confidence after the game four loss. Conroy looks at the play of Jose Theodore. Gordon also has a look at the winner by Richard Zednik. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at the torn rib cartilage of Joe Thornton. Harris’ notebook has all the players saying farewell for the offseason.

Sox come from behind yesterday to beat the Yankees 5-4 with the Triple-A portion of their lineup delivering the key blows. I almost expected to see John Henry crying after the game. Game stories are served up by Jeff HorriganBob HohlerSteven KrasnerDavid Heuschkel and David Borges. With one Yankees series out of the way now, Sean McAdam notes that at least now the Sox know that the Yankees can be beaten. Dan Shaughnessy looks at a stirring finish to a impressive weekend by the Sox. Gordon Edes, Bill Reynolds, Jeff Jacobs and Tony Massarotti look at A-Rod, who is glad to get out of town. Howard Bryant has a pay column about Ellis Burks, who wants to contribute despite a knee injury. Frank Dell’Apa and Silverman look at the heroics of Gabe Kapler. Michael Silverman looks at the performance of Bronson Arroyo, who settled down nicely and matched the effort of Kevin Brown. Kevin McNamara looks at the efforts of Keith Foulke over the weekend, having ending each of the Sox wins. Borges’ notebook looks at Arroyo. Hohler’s notebook looks at Foulke, as does Heuschkel’s notebook. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the bullpen in general, while Krasner’s notebook looks at Pokey Reese.

The Patriots took over Patriots Day by making the trade for Corey Dillon. Ron Borges says that this was a tough decision, but a brilliant one for the Patriots, no matter how Dillon turns out here. Tom Curran and Michael Smith note that this trade in the end came down to Tebucky Jones for Corey Dillon. Kevin Mannix, Ian M. Clark and Michael Parente also weigh in on the deal. Mike Reiss talks with the agent for Dillon, who also represents Rodney Harrison. He says the Patriots did their homework on Dillon. Gerry Callahan’s pay column today essentially calls the Patriots hypocrites for cutting Christian Peter all those years ago and now bringing aboard Dillon. Michael Felger says Ty Law still wants out of New England. He adds though, that playing for Belichick won’t be a problem, because this is all about business. Smith adds comments from Law’s agents that he didn’t run from the police. Nick Cafardo looks at the top safety in the draft, Sean Taylor from Miami. Borges also looks at the courts blocking Maurice Clarett from the draft.

Celtics may have caught a break with Ron Artest being suspended for tonight’s game two. Links are at Fox Sports Net.

John Molori has a look at the Patriots new Three Games to Glory II DVD and a recap of FOX’s Yankee Broadcasting Network.

NESN has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00. FSN has Celtics/Pacers at 8:30, (yes, I checked with them.) with NBATV carrying the game nationally. TNT is showing Knicks/Nets at 8:00 and Kings/Mavs at 10:30. ESPN has Senators/Maple Leafs at 7:00.


Patriots trade for Dillon

A good day so far for Boston sports.

The Patriots announced today that they have traded the #56 pick in the draft to Cincinnati for running back Corey Dillon. CBS Sportsline also says that the Patriots have re-done Dillon’s contract as well.

Sox beat the Yankees today, 5-4.

The Celtics will not have to face Ron Artest tomorrow night. The Pacers forward was suspended by the league for game two for leaving the bench during a brief altercation in the second quarter on Saturday.

Now, we just need the Bruins to come through.

Marathon Monday

Welcome to Marathon Monday, where we’ll talk about anything but the Marathon. It was interesting to hear Bob Neumeier talk on the Baseball show on WEEI yesterday about how much he hated covering the marathon during his days at channel 4. I wonder how many other media people feel the same way? I know that ones that have emailed this address usually voice the same opinion.

Where do we start today? Red Sox/Yankees? Bruins/Canadiens game seven tonight at the Fleet? Ty Law getting arrested?

Kevin Paul Dupont demands that Joe Thornton be removed as Bruins captain. His crime? Not so much his on-ice play, but the fact that he avoided speaking to the media after the game six loss Saturday night in Montreal. While Dupont may feel this column needed to be written…why on the day of game seven? Why not yesterday? Isn’t tonight’s game a little more important than the fact the Thornton ducked the press? Shouldn’t Dupont, as the Globe’s Hockey expert be writing about the game today and not attacking Thornton? The attacks can come later…Joe Gordon says that the Canadiens have the momentum heading into game seven. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at what the Bruins are facing in tonight’s deciding game. Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette says that the Canadiens are a loose, confident bunch heading into tonight. Joe McDonald looks at the Bruins hoping for a reversal of fortune. Stephen Harris says the season will have been a disaster if the Bruins do not win tonight. Mick Colageo says that this one means everything for the B’s. Steve Conroy talks with Dan McGillis, who has been in a game seven winner-take-all situation before. Harris’ notebook looks at the news of Pat Burns’ colon cancer hitting the Bruins hard.

The long layoff seemed to hurt Derek Lowe yesterday as he only made it through 2 2/3 innings yesterday. Game stories are trotted out by Gordon EdesSteven KrasnerDavid HeuschkelMichael Silverman and David Borges. Was it a mistake to give Lowe too much rest, an idea floated in this space last week? Michael Holley believes the Sox erred in spacing 10 days between Lowe starts. Lenny Megliola looks at the Yankee bats finally coming alive against the Sox. Rich Thompson also looks at the Yankees awakening. Nick Cafardo wonders if a Yankee revival took place yesterday. Sean McAdam and Matt Kalman look at the contributions of Phil Seibel to the Sox. Joe Burris looks at Joe Contreras, who had another rough outing yesterday. Howard Bryant has a pay column on Contreras, who is still working through issues to become a big time starter. Jim Donaldson wasn’t entertained yesterday. I wasn’t entertained reading his column. You won’t be either. Thompson looks at the Yankee bullpen closing the door on the Sox. Paul Kenyon looks at the Yankee role players getting the job done yesterday. Over the years, there have been several Red Sox “slaughters” on Patriots Day. A game against the Brewers a number of years ago comes to mind and there have been others. Today, Bronson Arroyo hopes to avoid that fate while opposing Kevin Brown. Michael Vega looks at Arroyo hoping for an extended stint on the mound today. Kalman also looks at Lowe’s outing yesterday. Edes’ notebook and Borges’ notebook look at Seibel. Silverman’s notebook looks at Trot Nixon taking some swings. The Projo notebook and Courant notebook also have updates on the Sox injuries.

Ty Law was arrested last night after a traffic stop in which he also fled the police on foot. This was a prime subject for Dennis and Callahan this morning, who wondered half-seriously if this was part of Law’s plan to get himself out of New England. Michael Felger says the Patriots will be looking a defensive backs in the draft. Michael Smith looks at Michigan running back Chris Perry. Nick Cafardo says the team will likely also be looking for a young linebacker. Hector Longo says Mike Cloud is the answer to the Patriots running back situation. Last week Longo also broke down the 2004 schedule game by game and predicted a 9-7 record for the Pats. This before the draft, and before the June free agents are available and training camp injuries and pickups.

Celtics got smoked in game one against Indy. They’re hoping in a possible suspension of Ron Artest to give them a chance in game two. Links are over at Fox Sports Net. The Celtics also came to a buyout agreement with Vin Baker over the weekend, avoiding arbitration.

OK, if you must read about the Marathon, here are the special sections from the Globe and Herald.

Ron Borges looks at Johnny Ruiz retaining his heavyweight title, but in disappointing fashion.

Dave Scott has a Patriots Day Bonanza edition of Scott’s Shots, complete with coverage of the Ty Law incident on the Sunday Night shows, Red Sox/Yankees and a tribute to Jack Leaman. Bill Griffith looks at Dave Goucher getting the nod of approval from legendary Bruins broadcaster Bob Wilson.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 11:00 and Bruins/Canadiens at 7:00. TNT has Grizzlies/Spurs at 8:00 and Lakers/Rockets at 10:30. ESPN and ESPN2 have NHL playoffs as well, coverage TBA.

Time to Put Up

The Canadiens again frustrated the Bruins to force a Game Seven tomorrow night in Boston. <a href="" target=_

Ghosts in the Closet

Boston sports fans have been treated to a week of talk of curses and reminders of past ghosts thanks to the good people of Montreal and FOX Sports. If it’s not the Montreal jumbotron playing clips of “too many men on the ice”, it was the insufferable replays and coverage of past Red Sox frustration by FOX last night. But this week we have seen the Canadien Collision and the great Alex Rodriguez pull of some bonehead baserunning. Keep those ghosts in the closet.

<a href="" target=_

A New Hope

Ugly night for the locals. Do we really want to rehash it all? Bruins slammed 5-1, Pedro gets roughed up and then the Sox lose by five in extra innings. Just not the finest hour for Boston sports.

Stealing a page from Dennis & Callahan, this will be a free-form Friday here at BSMW.

The myth about Boston fans reveling in misery is debunked this morning, as I don’t even have the desire to go through the articles about the losses. Besides, extensive research shows that the links actually get far less traffic on days that the local teams lose as opposed to when to the day after victories. Okay, maybe not *extensive* research, but the small sampling that I looked at seem to indicate that. I’m going to see if there is a way to further track that.

Dennis & Callahan actually did a pretty good job with this topic this morning as well, with Gerry talking about how sick he is of hearing from the national media and other uninformed people about how Red Sox fans revel in self-pity and misery. He specifically mentioned that Globe Sunday Magazine article that I skewered on here a few weeks back as one of the examples.

With the Yankees coming to town Red Sox fans likely want to turn the volume down on FOX tonight and if at all possible just watch the game action and try to avoid any of the pre or post game thoughts and as many graphics as possible. Tim McCarver and Joe Buck will be back to exalt the Yankees as much as possible and now with A-Rod in pinstripes, you can only expect that smarmy element to increase. According to Bill Griffith, one of FOX’s new, ahem, enhancements will be the introduction of “Scooter” the talking baseball (with the voice of SpongeBob) who will explain various pitches to younger viewers. John Howell also looks at FOX.

In the Friday edition of Scott’s Shots, he brings us the Top Nine reasons to hate the media when it is Sox/Yanks.

ESPN’s Outside the Lines show last night featured the Internet Vs. the Traditional media here in Boston. From most accounts the Internet people came off much better than the Radio/TV people. LJ from SOSH and Steve Silva from BDD appeared reasoned, agenda free and Glenn Ordway came off as paranoid and whining, Tony Massarotti was just whining, Eddie Andelman isn’t sure what the internet is (evidence is in the post below), except that he keeps getting emails from Omaha Steaks, and Bob Lobel appears to have come off the best in the segment, which is likely a result of his acceptance of the online media. He’s a big fan of Boston Dirt Dogs, and this site as well. It appears there was some intrigue with the taping of the show, as word is that Ordway refused to allow the Internet people to be taped at the WEEI offices.

By the way, I’m not enjoying the new “feature” rolled out by today for the Globe stories. Now they’re in multi-page format, (Page 1, Page 2, etc) just as the NY Times online does. There is an option to open the article all on one page, and I’ll try to link stories that way whenever possible.

OK, here’s a couple Patriots links, as they’re safe these days. Michael Felger looks at the Patriots quest to find a young big man to play in the middle of the defensive line. Tom Curran looks at Bill Belichick and Chris Berman teaming up at a lecture last night.

WEEI hits the Rhode Island airwaves today on 103.7 FM. In an attempt to counter the local programming Sports Radio the Score in Providence has hired John Rooke to do a show from 9:00 to Noon, which will take over an hour of the existing Score morning show and replace the James Brown syndicated show which ran from 10:00 to Noon.

Quite the day in Boston sports tomorrow. Celtics and Bruins have playoff games and the Red Sox and Yankees do battle at Fenway.

FOX has Red Sox/Yankees at 8:00. ESPN has Islanders/Lightning at 7:30. ESPN2 has Senators/Maple Leafs at 7:00

Hut dawg Safrai?

Yes, it’s an incredibly worthy cause…Eddie Andelman’s Hot Dog Safari, which raises money for The Joey Fund-Cystic Fibrosis research. But the website that has the auctions to raise money in conjunction with the event holds perhaps the world’s record for most spelling mistakes and general sloppiness. Some examples taken directly from the site:

Fly to Washington D.C. via American Airlines and have a Chinces Banquet with Red Auerback. Included in this one in a life time experience will be your picture taken with Red byt he Celtic's official photgrapher and framed by CNC framers of Norwell. Return home the same day immediatley following the luncheon or if yhou wish, take a later flight and do some sightseeing.
Min bid: $1,000

Or how about this one:

Superbowl Helmet
Official NFL Super Helmet augographed by every singel Patriot player in the locker room after the super Bwol win. An incredible item for any office, den or even a mentelpiece.

And here is yet another:

Las Vegas Trip
Trip toi Vegas as an Associate Producer for The Zone at a World Championship bosing match. Fly with Eddie to Vegas and stay at the fight hotel and actually work being an assistant producer for two broadcasts. This unique experience incluedes a Chinese dinner with Eddie, the Colnel, Bob Sheridan and noted odds makers Sid Diamond. The value is priceless.
Min Bid: $1,000

C’mon guys. This event deserves better than these embarrassments. These are just three of the ones listed. There are more listings and plenty of other errors as well.

To Hab or Hab not

Massive amounts of links today.

The Bruins look to close out the Canadiens tonight at the Fleet. Kevin Paul Dupont writes about how game four was different from so many other Bruins/Canadiens playoff matchups. Karen Guregian says the time is now to finish off the Habs. Stephen Harris notes that the Bruins want to end the series tonight. Ron Indrisano says that the Bruins big line is back. Steve Conroy says that Joe Thornton is finally coming around. Joe McDonald looks at the impact Jiri Slegr has had on the Bruins and in especially in this series. Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette makes the point that Andrew Raycroft has given the Bruins the advantage in this series. Michael O’Connor looks at the importance of Michael Nylander to the Bruins in this series. James Murphy pens an open letter to Bruins fans on how they should behave tonight. Indrisano’s notebook has more on Raycroft.

Red Sox rained out again, and with that, Terry Francona passes over Derek Lowe in the rotation so that Tim Wakefield can be slotted between Pedro and Schilling. Lowe doesn’t seem to have much problem with it, according to Jeff Horrigan, but it will be interesting to see how Lowe does after 10 days off, as sinkerball pitchers sometimes struggle when they don’t get enough work in. Nick Cafardo says that Lowe is getting in some work so he isn’t rusty, but does feel that it is important to feel strong out there on the mound. Tom Yantz and David Borges also look at Lowe getting pushed back. Jackie MacMullan and Steven Krasner have stories on Trot Nixon, who is making progress, but still hasn’t get an estimate of when he’ll return. Gordon Edes talks with Joe Torre about Red Sox/Yankees and A-Rod. Edes also has part of a one-on-one interview with A-Rod which will be featured tonight on the Globe SportsPlus on NESN. Michael Vega looks at a visit by the Ripken brothers to Fenway yesterday to visit with kids. Horrigan’s notebook says Trot could be back sooner than anticipated – maybe even by the end of this month. Krasner’s notebook looks at the rearranged rotation. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the Baseball Beanpot being moved away from Fenway this year.

The Patriots schedule for next season was released yesterday. Kevin Mannix says that the schedule is pretty favorable for a title defense by the Patriots. Mike Reiss says it appears to be a “rugged slate”. Michael Smith says the Patriots are on their way to becoming “America’s Team” with so many prime-time appearances. Plenty of draft articles today as well. Michael Felger looks at what Bill Belichick had to say in his predraft press conference yesterday. Tom Curran looks at what the Patriots master plan could befor the draft. Michael Parente says the Pats hope to make some draft deals. (Yo, Mike, helpful hint, it’s Steven Jackson, not Kevin. I think he’s combining Jackson with Kevin Jones…heck of a player you’d have there.) Alan Greenberg says Belichick is still cramming for the draft. Christopher Price also takes a look at the draft preparations. Michael Smith has Belichick admitting that what will happen on the day of the draft is anyone’s guess. Belichick again refuted the Borges-started rumors of an agreement with Detroit to trade into the number six pick, calling the rumors “ridiculous” and “embarrassing to think about”. Felger also has a look at offensive linemen available in the draft. Curran’s notebook has more on the schedule. Felger’s notebook also looks at the schedule, noting the departure from the usual scheduling of games with the Dolphins. Reiss’ notebook has the Patriots bringing in nose tackle Marcus Tubbs for a pre-draft visit.

The Celtics wrapped up their regular season with a high scoring win over the Hawks. Bring on the Pacers….links are at Fox Sports Net.

Not really sports related, and I loathe to get into political stuff on this board, but an interesting email came to me last night regarding a statement that Gerry Callahan had made on WEEI yesterday morning. Callahan, in an effort to “prove” that the media was liberal, “claimed that Time Magazine never put Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky/impeachment scandal on their cover.” The emailer then enclosed image files of nine Time covers that featured those very topics, some in strong terms. The gist of the email was that Callahan was a liar who has no credibility. The email had also been sent to the email address for each WEEI show.

NESN has Bruins/Canadiens at 7:00. (ESPN2 Nationally) Red Sox/Orioles will be on CN8 for most people at 7:00. ESPN has Predators/Red Wings at 7:30. ESPN2 also has Blues/Sharks at 10:00.


What a hockey game last night. Why is it that playoff hockey is 10 times better and more intense than regular season hockey? Last night’s game was one that had you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The storylines from this one are plentiful. Game stories are filed by Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Stephen Harris and Dan Hickling. The Bruins had to come back in this one. Kevin Paul Dupont and Mike Shalin look at Mike Knuble tying the score on a reviewed goal with 30 seconds left in the game. Karen Guregian looks at the Bruins exorcising some ghosts last night in the Bell Centre. Steve Conroy looks at the game winner from Glen Murray. Michael O’Connor looks at local reaction in Boston to the Montreal fans booing of the US National Anthem. Steve Buckley has a pay column saying that the Montreal fans booing isn’t a political statement, it’s just poor taste. Dennis and Callahan also pursued the topic of the people of Montreal and Canada this morning as they really don’t know enough about Hockey to talk about the game itself. Mike Loftus says the Bruins players have totally bought into the system of Mike Sullivan. Guregian also looks at Mike Ribeiro not getting the last laugh against the Bruins. Dupont says Ribeiro was just a pain last night. Conroy looks at Andrew Raycroft passing another postseason test. Jack Todd and Shalin look at Alexei Kovalev trying to blame the officials, but his coach and teammates will have nothing to do with it. Mick Colageo says that Kovalev could end up being a problem for the Bruins. The notebooks all look at the return of Michael Nylander. The GlobeHerald and Projo.

The Sox were rained out last night, giving the bullpen another night to recover. Gordon Edes looks at Terry Francona settling into Boston and his new job. Paul Doyle has a peek at Francona learning his way around Boston and the environment here. Tony Massarotti says it will take awhile before we can make judgemen on whether Francona is going to work out here. Glen Farley has a look at the return of Ellis Burks to Boston. Michael Silverman says Burks is looking to a future as a GM. Steven Krasner says things are falling into place for the Red Sox. Nick Cafardo has a piece on Bobby Jones, trying to regain his command after a couple shaky outings. Jeff Horrigan looks at the Sox sliding Tim Wakefield in between Pedro and Schilling. Howard Bryant has part two of his Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, (pay column) and this part looks at the Red Sox offseason recovery from Game 7. Bryant also has another pay column in which has says the Sox delay in signing Pedro is a dangerous game to be playing. Krasner’s <a href="" target="_blank"notebook says that Johnny Damon would’ve been in the lineup last night. Horrigan’s notebook says the rainout gave the Sox a chance to heal some injuries a little more. Edes notebook looks at Francona not bumping Pedro to Friday to face the Yankees because of the rainout.

O-T-I-S is back with the Patriots…but for how long? Michael Smith and Tom Curran look at the Patriots re-signing the 38 year old cornerback. Michael Felger doesn’t understand the move, while Michael Parente wonders if it means Ty Law could be headed out of town. Mike Reiss has 11 thoughts for the 11 days leading up to the draft, including word that the Patriots will likely not be playing on Christmas. Felger has a pair of draft articles one on quarterbacks and another on wide receivers. Kevin Mannix also looks at the QB’s.

Celtics links are over at Fox Sports Net.

Ron Borges looks at the lack of punch in the heavyweight division.

The Inside Track has the details from the Red Sox Foundation luncheon yesterday.

John Molori reported last night that WEEI is going to start broadcasting in Rhode Island on Friday — much quicker than earlier announced.

FSN has Celtics/Hawks at 7:00. NESN has Sox/Orioles at 7:00. ESPN has Flyers/Devils at 7:00 and Mavericks/Rockets at 9:30. ESPN2 has Avalanche/Stars at 7:30 and Dodgers/Padres at 10:00. ESPN Classic has a Red Auerbach SportsCentury at 8:00 and 11:00.

Dreary Tuesday

The Celtics continue to stagger to the playoffs, last night losing 84-77 to the Miami Heat at home. They don’t exactly appear to the peaking at the right time. Links for the day…and there are plenty…are over at Fox Sports Net. In a link I missed the first time around, Lenny Megliola says that the Celtics have become trivial and the least of Boston’s four pro teams.

Howard Bryant has the first in a four part series looking at the Red Sox and Yankees and their rivalry bot on and off the field. It’s a premium (pay) column, so you’ll have to pick up the paper to read it. today, buy through this link and support BSMW.

Theo thinks the Sox are coming around. David Heuschkel has the view of the GM as he stopped in to visit Terry Francona yesterday. Bob Hohler looks at the stretched out bullpen. Tony Massarotti says that Pedro will need more help from his teammates if he and the Red Sox are to succeed this season. Steven Krasner has a look at Pokey Reese, who revels in playing in the field. Michael Silverman looks at Derek Lowe stepping onto the one place he really feels comfortable – the mound at Fenway. Gerry Callahan has a pay column saying that Francona did the right thing by lifting Pedro in the middle of the inning Saturday, and in so doing established himself as the boss. Jeff Sullivan has a number of thoughts, mostly baseball related. A nice shot at John Dennis, too. Silverman’s notebook looks ahead to a Schilling/Mussina matchup. Hohler’s notebook says that the Sox offense really misses Trot and Nomar.

The Bruins continue their series with Montreal tonight. Stephen Harris says the B’s need Joe Thornton and his line to step things up tonight. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says that they are ready to do so, especially Thornton. Dan Hickling also says the Bruins are counting on their top line to come through. Kevin Paul Dupont and Karen Guregian look at the injury to Montreal’s Michael Ribeiro, who some accuse of pulling a Willie McGinest and indicating an injury greater than the one he suffered. Guregian also gets reaction from his teammates about the action. Mike Shalin asks the only American player on the Canadiens what he thought of the fans booing the US National Anthem. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook says that Michael Nylander has a decent shot to play tonight. Harris’ notebook also looks at Nylander.

Tom Curran wonders who will be the running back for the Patriots next season. Mike Reiss looks at the Patriots possibly playing on Christmas, and has one or two other team notes.

Bill Griffith looks at good numbers for the Bruins and other weekend TV notes. John Molori talks with Andy Brickley about the Bruins chances in this week’s edition of Media Blitz. John Habib says that Charlie Sherman wants his old job back at WMUR.

NESN has Bruins/Canadiens at 7:00. (ESPN2 nationally) Check NESN’s Alternative Channels listing for the Red Sox game, If you’re on Comcast, the game will likely be on CN8, also at 7:00. ESPN has Red Wings/Predators at 7:30 followed by Mariners/Angels at 10:00. ESPN2 will also have Canucks/Flames at 10:00.