Massive amounts of links today.

The Bruins look to close out the Canadiens tonight at the Fleet. Kevin Paul Dupont writes about how game four was different from so many other Bruins/Canadiens playoff matchups. Karen Guregian says the time is now to finish off the Habs. Stephen Harris notes that the Bruins want to end the series tonight. Ron Indrisano says that the Bruins big line is back. Steve Conroy says that Joe Thornton is finally coming around. Joe McDonald looks at the impact Jiri Slegr has had on the Bruins and in especially in this series. Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette makes the point that Andrew Raycroft has given the Bruins the advantage in this series. Michael O’Connor looks at the importance of Michael Nylander to the Bruins in this series. James Murphy pens an open letter to Bruins fans on how they should behave tonight. Indrisano’s notebook has more on Raycroft.

Red Sox rained out again, and with that, Terry Francona passes over Derek Lowe in the rotation so that Tim Wakefield can be slotted between Pedro and Schilling. Lowe doesn’t seem to have much problem with it, according to Jeff Horrigan, but it will be interesting to see how Lowe does after 10 days off, as sinkerball pitchers sometimes struggle when they don’t get enough work in. Nick Cafardo says that Lowe is getting in some work so he isn’t rusty, but does feel that it is important to feel strong out there on the mound. Tom Yantz and David Borges also look at Lowe getting pushed back. Jackie MacMullan and Steven Krasner have stories on Trot Nixon, who is making progress, but still hasn’t get an estimate of when he’ll return. Gordon Edes talks with Joe Torre about Red Sox/Yankees and A-Rod. Edes also has part of a one-on-one interview with A-Rod which will be featured tonight on the Globe SportsPlus on NESN. Michael Vega looks at a visit by the Ripken brothers to Fenway yesterday to visit with kids. Horrigan’s notebook says Trot could be back sooner than anticipated – maybe even by the end of this month. Krasner’s notebook looks at the rearranged rotation. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the Baseball Beanpot being moved away from Fenway this year.

The Patriots schedule for next season was released yesterday. Kevin Mannix says that the schedule is pretty favorable for a title defense by the Patriots. Mike Reiss says it appears to be a “rugged slate”. Michael Smith says the Patriots are on their way to becoming “America’s Team” with so many prime-time appearances. Plenty of draft articles today as well. Michael Felger looks at what Bill Belichick had to say in his predraft press conference yesterday. Tom Curran looks at what the Patriots master plan could befor the draft. Michael Parente says the Pats hope to make some draft deals. (Yo, Mike, helpful hint, it’s Steven Jackson, not Kevin. I think he’s combining Jackson with Kevin Jones…heck of a player you’d have there.) Alan Greenberg says Belichick is still cramming for the draft. Christopher Price also takes a look at the draft preparations. Michael Smith has Belichick admitting that what will happen on the day of the draft is anyone’s guess. Belichick again refuted the Borges-started rumors of an agreement with Detroit to trade into the number six pick, calling the rumors “ridiculous” and “embarrassing to think about”. Felger also has a look at offensive linemen available in the draft. Curran’s notebook has more on the schedule. Felger’s notebook also looks at the schedule, noting the departure from the usual scheduling of games with the Dolphins. Reiss’ notebook has the Patriots bringing in nose tackle Marcus Tubbs for a pre-draft visit.

The Celtics wrapped up their regular season with a high scoring win over the Hawks. Bring on the Pacers….links are at Fox Sports Net.

Not really sports related, and I loathe to get into political stuff on this board, but an interesting email came to me last night regarding a statement that Gerry Callahan had made on WEEI yesterday morning. Callahan, in an effort to “prove” that the media was liberal, “claimed that Time Magazine never put Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky/impeachment scandal on their cover.” The emailer then enclosed image files of nine Time covers that featured those very topics, some in strong terms. The gist of the email was that Callahan was a liar who has no credibility. The email had also been sent to the email address for each WEEI show.

NESN has Bruins/Canadiens at 7:00. (ESPN2 Nationally) Red Sox/Orioles will be on CN8 for most people at 7:00. ESPN has Predators/Red Wings at 7:30. ESPN2 also has Blues/Sharks at 10:00.