What a hockey game last night. Why is it that playoff hockey is 10 times better and more intense than regular season hockey? Last night’s game was one that had you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The storylines from this one are plentiful. Game stories are filed by Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Stephen Harris and Dan Hickling. The Bruins had to come back in this one. Kevin Paul Dupont and Mike Shalin look at Mike Knuble tying the score on a reviewed goal with 30 seconds left in the game. Karen Guregian looks at the Bruins exorcising some ghosts last night in the Bell Centre. Steve Conroy looks at the game winner from Glen Murray. Michael O’Connor looks at local reaction in Boston to the Montreal fans booing of the US National Anthem. Steve Buckley has a pay column saying that the Montreal fans booing isn’t a political statement, it’s just poor taste. Dennis and Callahan also pursued the topic of the people of Montreal and Canada this morning as they really don’t know enough about Hockey to talk about the game itself. Mike Loftus says the Bruins players have totally bought into the system of Mike Sullivan. Guregian also looks at Mike Ribeiro not getting the last laugh against the Bruins. Dupont says Ribeiro was just a pain last night. Conroy looks at Andrew Raycroft passing another postseason test. Jack Todd and Shalin look at Alexei Kovalev trying to blame the officials, but his coach and teammates will have nothing to do with it. Mick Colageo says that Kovalev could end up being a problem for the Bruins. The notebooks all look at the return of Michael Nylander. The GlobeHerald and Projo.

The Sox were rained out last night, giving the bullpen another night to recover. Gordon Edes looks at Terry Francona settling into Boston and his new job. Paul Doyle has a peek at Francona learning his way around Boston and the environment here. Tony Massarotti says it will take awhile before we can make judgemen on whether Francona is going to work out here. Glen Farley has a look at the return of Ellis Burks to Boston. Michael Silverman says Burks is looking to a future as a GM. Steven Krasner says things are falling into place for the Red Sox. Nick Cafardo has a piece on Bobby Jones, trying to regain his command after a couple shaky outings. Jeff Horrigan looks at the Sox sliding Tim Wakefield in between Pedro and Schilling. Howard Bryant has part two of his Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, (pay column) and this part looks at the Red Sox offseason recovery from Game 7. Bryant also has another pay column in which has says the Sox delay in signing Pedro is a dangerous game to be playing. Krasner’s <a href="http://www.projo.com/redsox/content/projo_20040414_14rsoxjo.1a9bd5.html&quot; target="_blank"notebook says that Johnny Damon would’ve been in the lineup last night. Horrigan’s notebook says the rainout gave the Sox a chance to heal some injuries a little more. Edes notebook looks at Francona not bumping Pedro to Friday to face the Yankees because of the rainout.

O-T-I-S is back with the Patriots…but for how long? Michael Smith and Tom Curran look at the Patriots re-signing the 38 year old cornerback. Michael Felger doesn’t understand the move, while Michael Parente wonders if it means Ty Law could be headed out of town. Mike Reiss has 11 thoughts for the 11 days leading up to the draft, including word that the Patriots will likely not be playing on Christmas. Felger has a pair of draft articles one on quarterbacks and another on wide receivers. Kevin Mannix also looks at the QB’s.

Celtics links are over at Fox Sports Net.

Ron Borges looks at the lack of punch in the heavyweight division.

The Inside Track has the details from the Red Sox Foundation luncheon yesterday.

John Molori reported last night that WEEI is going to start broadcasting in Rhode Island on Friday — much quicker than earlier announced.

FSN has Celtics/Hawks at 7:00. NESN has Sox/Orioles at 7:00. ESPN has Flyers/Devils at 7:00 and Mavericks/Rockets at 9:30. ESPN2 has Avalanche/Stars at 7:30 and Dodgers/Padres at 10:00. ESPN Classic has a Red Auerbach SportsCentury at 8:00 and 11:00.