Ugly night for the locals. Do we really want to rehash it all? Bruins slammed 5-1, Pedro gets roughed up and then the Sox lose by five in extra innings. Just not the finest hour for Boston sports.

Stealing a page from Dennis & Callahan, this will be a free-form Friday here at BSMW.

The myth about Boston fans reveling in misery is debunked this morning, as I don’t even have the desire to go through the articles about the losses. Besides, extensive research shows that the links actually get far less traffic on days that the local teams lose as opposed to when to the day after victories. Okay, maybe not *extensive* research, but the small sampling that I looked at seem to indicate that. I’m going to see if there is a way to further track that.

Dennis & Callahan actually did a pretty good job with this topic this morning as well, with Gerry talking about how sick he is of hearing from the national media and other uninformed people about how Red Sox fans revel in self-pity and misery. He specifically mentioned that Globe Sunday Magazine article that I skewered on here a few weeks back as one of the examples.

With the Yankees coming to town Red Sox fans likely want to turn the volume down on FOX tonight and if at all possible just watch the game action and try to avoid any of the pre or post game thoughts and as many graphics as possible. Tim McCarver and Joe Buck will be back to exalt the Yankees as much as possible and now with A-Rod in pinstripes, you can only expect that smarmy element to increase. According to Bill Griffith, one of FOX’s new, ahem, enhancements will be the introduction of “Scooter” the talking baseball (with the voice of SpongeBob) who will explain various pitches to younger viewers. John Howell also looks at FOX.

In the Friday edition of Scott’s Shots, he brings us the Top Nine reasons to hate the media when it is Sox/Yanks.

ESPN’s Outside the Lines show last night featured the Internet Vs. the Traditional media here in Boston. From most accounts the Internet people came off much better than the Radio/TV people. LJ from SOSH and Steve Silva from BDD appeared reasoned, agenda free and Glenn Ordway came off as paranoid and whining, Tony Massarotti was just whining, Eddie Andelman isn’t sure what the internet is (evidence is in the post below), except that he keeps getting emails from Omaha Steaks, and Bob Lobel appears to have come off the best in the segment, which is likely a result of his acceptance of the online media. He’s a big fan of Boston Dirt Dogs, and this site as well. It appears there was some intrigue with the taping of the show, as word is that Ordway refused to allow the Internet people to be taped at the WEEI offices.

By the way, I’m not enjoying the new “feature” rolled out by today for the Globe stories. Now they’re in multi-page format, (Page 1, Page 2, etc) just as the NY Times online does. There is an option to open the article all on one page, and I’ll try to link stories that way whenever possible.

OK, here’s a couple Patriots links, as they’re safe these days. Michael Felger looks at the Patriots quest to find a young big man to play in the middle of the defensive line. Tom Curran looks at Bill Belichick and Chris Berman teaming up at a lecture last night.

WEEI hits the Rhode Island airwaves today on 103.7 FM. In an attempt to counter the local programming Sports Radio the Score in Providence has hired John Rooke to do a show from 9:00 to Noon, which will take over an hour of the existing Score morning show and replace the James Brown syndicated show which ran from 10:00 to Noon.

Quite the day in Boston sports tomorrow. Celtics and Bruins have playoff games and the Red Sox and Yankees do battle at Fenway.

FOX has Red Sox/Yankees at 8:00. ESPN has Islanders/Lightning at 7:30. ESPN2 has Senators/Maple Leafs at 7:00