Yes, it’s an incredibly worthy cause…Eddie Andelman’s Hot Dog Safari, which raises money for The Joey Fund-Cystic Fibrosis research. But the website that has the auctions to raise money in conjunction with the event holds perhaps the world’s record for most spelling mistakes and general sloppiness. Some examples taken directly from the site:

Fly to Washington D.C. via American Airlines and have a Chinces Banquet with Red Auerback. Included in this one in a life time experience will be your picture taken with Red byt he Celtic's official photgrapher and framed by CNC framers of Norwell. Return home the same day immediatley following the luncheon or if yhou wish, take a later flight and do some sightseeing.
Min bid: $1,000

Or how about this one:

Superbowl Helmet
Official NFL Super Helmet augographed by every singel Patriot player in the locker room after the super Bwol win. An incredible item for any office, den or even a mentelpiece.

And here is yet another:

Las Vegas Trip
Trip toi Vegas as an Associate Producer for The Zone at a World Championship bosing match. Fly with Eddie to Vegas and stay at the fight hotel and actually work being an assistant producer for two broadcasts. This unique experience incluedes a Chinese dinner with Eddie, the Colnel, Bob Sheridan and noted odds makers Sid Diamond. The value is priceless.
Min Bid: $1,000

C’mon guys. This event deserves better than these embarrassments. These are just three of the ones listed. There are more listings and plenty of other errors as well.