Our pal Steve Buckley was a guest on WFAN this weekend, and a SOSH member heard the segment and posted a summary of Buckshot’s conversation with host Suzyn Waldman:

In a twenty minute conversation on The FAN this afternoon, guest Steve Buckley and host Suzyn Waldman:

1. Took jabs at Theo Epstein's resume
2. Made fun of the new Red Sox warm-up shirts
3. Laughed at Bill James and "the stat mentality that is now ruining the game"
4. Critisized the Red Sox for not pulling the trigger as the Yankees always seem to do
5. Claimed that OPS is overrated ("You can't measure heart, an intangible that the Red Sox have been in short supply of since I left Boston")
6. Clapped their hands with glee when Buck figured that Roger's 300th victory might come at Fenway Park ("That would be perfect," said Dulcinea)
7. Joked that Pedro would leave like Roger because the Red Sox would mishandle him (Waldman: "Maybe he will go to the Evil Empire?")
8. Mocked the bullpen-by-committee mentality because they "don't have a closer"
9. Stated that David Ortiz, Bill Mueller, Kevin Millar, and Todd Walker are all mediocre players who "are on Bill James' Rotisserie League team"
10. Claimed that the best thing that Red Sox fans do is whine
11. And said the team's motto this year would be, "Pedro and Lowe and pray for snow"