Do I have to relate the things Eddie talked about today? Just look at any entry since October and you’ll get the idea. Knocking the Red Sox, making fun of Theo Epstein, (he mentioned countless times today that the Globe referenced Theo Epstein 36 times today.) and promoting his Yao Ming event at the Kowloon. His big guest interview was with George Wyner. A close runner up was the interview with the funeral director from Fort Myers. Riveting. The good news is that Eddie taking Monday off for President’s day. On WEEI, Dale & Neumy marked Neumeier’s one year anniversary alongside Dale. Michael Felger and “Govnah” Bill Burt were on the big show. Butch Stearns was with Sean McDonough on WWZN, where Sorenstam was an early topic.

John Tomase caught up with Shea Hillenbrand, who is happy to still be in Boston, and looks forward to getting a chance to prove his worth. (The Eagle-Tribune owns the Salem News, so that’s why this story is there.) Chad Finn examines the challenges facing Grady Little as he figures out how to use this bullpen. Chaz Scoggins looks at the problem of the # 5 hitter and other issues heading into spring training. Mel Antonen looks at the Bill James effect on the Red Sox thinking and makeup.

Mike Fine has a nice feature on Satch Sanders, who is a great example of an athlete doing something with his life after his playing career.

Adam Proteau of The Hockey News writes a fairly harsh article on Jeremy Jacobs. A must read for Bruins fans, but I suppose nothing you didn’t already know. One section begins with the “real” reason the Bruins signed Martin Lapointe:

“Jacobs signed Lapointe — who scored more than 20 goals exactly once in his career — to a four-year, $20-million contract simply to spite Red Wings owner Mike Illitch after a heated argument between the two. According to published reports, Jacobs told Illitch he should curb his free-spending ways. After Illitch put away his three Stanley Cup rings, he told his advisor what he could do with his advice, and Jacobs high-balled Lapointe all the way to an untradeable right winger on course for a 4-goal, 13-point finish this season. That’s what us hockey experts call a colossal boo-boo. But remember, Jacobs had fans’ best interests in mind when he did it. In other words, it’s your fault. Shame on you. Wait, it gets better: Jacobs decided paying $35 million for concession rights to the Buffalo Sabres — arguably Boston’s chief rival in recent years — was more important than re-investing in his own players. But he balks at paying even one of his stars market value. That’s right, Jacobs doesn’t mind shelling out for soda syrup and animal afterthoughts, but when the tenderized meat talks back and has an agent to protect his interests, the cupboard becomes bare. Whatta guy.”