Howard Bryant gives us the most detailed look at the new Celtics ownership to date, while he focuses on Wyc Grousbeck, he does peek a some of the supporting cast. Some of the items discussed in here, the group’s desire to own a sports franchise, to build a new arena, and that they will spend money. No specifics plans are really given in this piece, but you do get the idea that this group will do more than ‘Thanksdad’ Gaston ever did. Paul Pierce and his strained groin is the other Celtics story of the day. I actually think he shouldn’t play tonight. You need this guy down the stretch, don’t risk getting hurt more. Shira Springer and Steve Bulpett report on Pierce, and both end with the same quote from Jim O’Brien thinking out loud about what he is going to do about replacing Pierce in the lineup if need be. This is where not having developed Kedrick Brown more will hurt O’Brien. He can’t play the mini-me combo of Delk-Bremer and Shammond Williams for 48 minutes. They’ll get killed in the post. If Battie isn’t back, (he’s expected to be there tonight) they’re going to need McCarty up front. Speaking of Walter, Bulpett’s notebook looks at the forward seeking a new contract from the Celtics. Peter May notes just how far Baker has fallen that a 9 point performance is almost “Canyon of Heroes stuff.”

Tony Massarotti takes a look at Haywood Sullivan, who passed away yesterday. Bob Hohler pens (types?) an obituary for the former Red Sox player and part owner. Peter Gammons also contributes a piece to the Globe on Sullivan. Where’s Shaughnessy? Shouldn’t he be tying Sullivan to the curse somehow? Shouldn’t Buckley be writing somewhere about this being another sign that the Sox should retire Tony C’s number? You know, the incident where Buddy LeRoux tried to take over the Red Sox (and oust the floundering Sullivan) that happened on the night the Sox were honoring Tony C? Somehow that can be tied in, right Buck? Would it surprise anyone if Buckley has a book in the works on the life of Tony C? Michael Gee weighs in as well, recalling the time Sullivan told him about the “unlimited opportunities for casual sex” when he was playing in the minor leagues. The Providence Journal looks at the Sullivan legacy, which mostly consists of losing players and off field controversies. From the old to the new, Massarotti also looks at current majority owner John Henry as he arrived in Florida, eager to start the new season. Gordon Edes reports that the Sox and Marlins might just have a deal in place to get Millar to the Sox for nothing more than cash. Jeff Horrigan looks at Ryan Rupe, hoping hard feelings don’t linger in the Red Sox clubhouse as he tries to make the team. In a story straight out of Patriots training camp world, Hohler’s notebook reports that Dave Nilsson has decided to retire. That is also the topic of Horrigan’s notebook, who adds a look at Ramiro Mendoza, who would like a shot at closing if its offered to him. Don Amore reports on Roger Clemens holding court in Yankee camp, sharing his views on the world according to Roger, including his visits to troops overseas where he toured former al Qaeda camps “where that bin Laden cat had been”.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at how the Bruins need to improve to make their road trip a success. Stephen Harris reports that they’re viewing this trip as a chance for a fresh start.

Jackie MacMullan looks at Annika Sorenstam as she accepts the invitation to play in a mens tournament. Bill Reynolds looks at the close relationship between Dave Gavitt and the late Bill Parrillo. Ron Borges catches up with Roy Jones Jr in Florida, preparing for his upcoming bout with the much bigger John Ruiz.

FSNE has Celtics/Blazers at 10:00. (TNT nationally) TNT also has Magic/Pistons at 7:30. ESPN has Flyers/Blues at 8:00. ESPN2 has Duke/Wake Forest at 7:00 and Tulane/Memphis at 9:00.