Maybe it can be an annual event, I can take the days off around the Beanpot. I’m into history and tradition probably more so than most, but I really just have no interest in this tournament, especially the last 10 years where it has essentially become the BU invitational. (BC won in ’01 and ’94) Sort of like the holiday tournaments big college basketball programs like Indiana put on, where they invite three weak schools (UNH was invited once) for a “tournament” that the host school can’t lose. I’m still sick, and not feeling like creating links to beanpot stories, so if you want to read Beanpot coverage, you can go the college hockey page on or the college page at the Herald.

Without Beanpot links, there aren’t a whole lot of other stories to link to. Celtics lose again, they did play a bit better, but had some bad breaks in the last few minutes that sunk them. I’m curious as to what Kedrick Brown has done to bury himself on the bench again. The last time the Celtics played (and beat) the Hornets, Brown did a nice job covering Jamal Mashburn. Last night Brown got in for only four minutes while Mashburn lit up guys like Grant Long (too slow) for 30 points. Mark Murphy records Antoine Walker’s frustration. Shira Springer uses a whole lot of numbers to tell the tale of the game. She uses an interesting choice of words in her notebook, where she labels 10 year vet Jamal Mashburn a “rising star”. I’m thinking Rising Star was really the subtitle of the paragraph and the formatting has gone wrong. We’ll let her off the hook….she also gets some fun words from David Wesley describing former teammate Walker. He doesn’t know why Walker is in the three-point shooting contest, as he is a “gunner” not a shooter. Murphy’s notebook looks at Walker’s continued struggles with the brace. He played 46 minutes with it on last night.

Tony Massarotti reports on Lou Merloni getting his one year deal sewn up, and takes a little shot at Epstein for not pulling the trigger on a Millar deal earlier in the winter. Gordon Edes also reports on Merloni, gives a quick update on Millar, and also takes an interesting look at how the at-bats might work out between Millar, Hillenbrand, Mueller, Giambi and Ortiz. It works out to about 500 apiece for the first four and 300 for Ortiz. I meant to link to this story yesterday, but forgot; Art Martone on Sunday took a look at just why the Sox are making such a big deal about Millar. Jon Couture looks at the Sox owners still trying to find their way around the city and the fans. Garry Brown says that the Sox are only interested in cosmetic changes these days…like to their uniforms…which he hates. On Sunday in the Wahington Post, William Gildea takes a look at the Red Sox/Yankee sniping, and gets John Updike’s thoughts on the rivalry. Updike likes Theo Epstein as well.

Michael Felger reports there is nothing new to report on Romeo Crennel’s situation…and takes a look at some possible restructuring of contracts.

Jeff Jacobs looks at UConn coach Jim Calhoun, battling prostate cancer. Desmond Conner looks at the quick action which could end up saving the coach’s life. Mark Blaudschun files an inferior article on the subject for the Globe.

Bill Griffith took a peek at the AFL over the weekend, and also reports on Sean Grande and has a few other media notes. Jim Baker focuses on the NHL All Star game. John Molori loves Chris Collins. Bill Simmons must be spinning in his grave right now.

NESN has Bruins/Avalanche at 7:00. ESPN2 has Providence/Pittsburgh college hoops at 7:00. ESPN has Kentucky/Florida at 9:00