Celtics were the big talk on WEEI all day today. Dale & Neumy and the Big Show talked almost exclusively Celtics and how dismal their future is. It amazes me how uninformed and unknowledgeable about the game, the rules and the league that some of these guys are. Of course, Fred Smerlas was among those providing expert commentary on the Celtics. A caller on Dale & Neumy asserted that the Celtics should’ve kept Kenny Anderson, let his contract run out and then used that money to sign Andre Miller. No one corrects them to point out that the Celtics would’ve been over the cap, and unable to use that money to sign another player. About 15 minutes went by before another caller was able to straighten them out and educate them on a number of NBA issues. The hosts also put forth the theory that maybe if Vin could “give back” some of his money and rework his deal, that would help out the Celtics. The big show was a little better, as Ordway does know many of these issues, but having Smerlas on there is a major handicap. For everything Smerlas says, Ordway has to spend twice as long correcting him, which considering how much Fred talks, is a lot. They also talked some LeBron James.

Nick Cafardo doesn’t think that Bill Belichick really wrote that piece in the NY Times last week. From his mailbag column this week:

(In answer to the last mailbag question)

“I did see the Op-ed piece and I didn’t know what to make of it. I have no idea who actually wrote it, though I have my theories.”

So looks like Nick doesn’t think Belichick can coach, and that he can’t write either… (Some behind the scenes speculation has Michael Holley as the “Ghost writer” for Belichick in that Times piece…whether that is true or not, I can’t tell yet)