Well, I guess I know what Don Skwar feels like after some of the nasty reactions I got to the weekend’s guest column. If you’ve read this site at all, you know that the column did not reflect any of my personal views. All year I’ve been all over those who got on Manny, I’ve noted his contract is not an albatross nor is it untradeable. (Nor do I think he should be traded) Manny is my favorite everyday player on the Sox. No matter what the score or situation, when he comes to the plate, I stop what I’m doing and watch. I didn’t agree with other stuff Steve said in his column, but as I’ve been accused of only showing one side of things, I thought I’d put up an alternative view. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, as I’ve found out. My favorite reaction came from “C Larkin” I think he was aiming it directly at me, as he didn’t clarify:

“Why would you trade him? Are you retarded. The man is worth everything he gets. This is crap journalism at its cramped bowels worse. You’re a moron.”

Oh well. I’ll be a little more judicious in my selection of guest columns in the future. If you’ve got something you think is worthy, sent it along.

Brief links today as I’m home with the flu. That probably contributes to my grumpy demeanor as well.

I’m not a big Beanpot guy, so that makes the links even less for the day. The Globe has quite a section on the 25th anniversary of the 1978 tournament, which was during the famed blizzard of that year.

From Saturday, John Tomase and Bill Burt do a point-counterpoint on the LeBron James situation.

Peter May has a look at the emergence of JR Bremer. Mark Murphy looks at the treatment Tony Battie is getting just so he can play in the games for the Celtics. Murphy’s notebook looks at Walker’s adjustment to the brace he is wearing.

Tony Massarotti gets Grady Little’s thought on the new uniforms as well as the bullpen strategy. Gordon Edes looks at the weekend ticket sales for the Sox.

Ron Borges briefly looks at the 49ers coaching search and when Romeo Crennell will find out his fate in the process.