Sports Sunday on Fox 25 led off showing the Red Sox new red uniforms and having Sox manager Grady Little in studio…Grady is excited to get down to spring training and pleased with the transactions. He showed the Red Spring Training jerseys as well as the “Alternate” home red jersey. Butch Stearns asked about “Grady Ball” what is it? You stick longer with the starters than Jimy, didn’t hit and run a lot, but didn’t just sit and wait for the three run homer, either. Grady answered that his players dictate and make Grady Little the manager that he is. Strategy is based on personnel. This year with the added arms in the bullpen, you might see Grady Little go to the bullpen a little more. (Yes, he did talk in the third person) As for the bullpen by committee, they’re not going to go the easy route; they’re going to be used in any order starting after the fifth or sixth inning. The talent level of the players they’ve acquired they feel is very high, and have the ability to help them win a lot of games. Butch asked about star treatment…do Manny, Nomar and Pedro get treated different. Grady says he treats everyone fairly, though that wouldn’t all be the same. He’s going to treat Freddy Sanchez coming up in September different than he treats Nomar. There is a little bit of star treatment, yes. You risk a little clubhouse unhappiness when you do that, but Grady is an upfront guy and everyone is going to know what is going on. Next, about the Boston media, Stearns noted the Cleveland media are homers, while it’s different here, he asked if how the Boston media covers the team is conducive to winning, or does it hurt the team. Grady says it’s just part of the environment here, the media is informative, they get the point across to some who might be missing the boat, and the team has the right to be scrutinized on a daily basis. He doesn’t mind it. With the personnel they have this year it’s going to be easier to make Grady Little look better.

Next up was Pro Bowl highlights, Lawyer Milloy clowning around with teammates, Richard Seymour mixing it up with an NFC lineman, Drew Bledsoe taking snaps from Damien Woody and showing off his arm (Int), Ty Law returns an Int for a TD. NHL All Star game highlights followed.

Butch likes the new jerseys; he likes the seats on the monster. Levan Reid took a look at the seats, he doesn