Eddie Andelman was back in studio with Dave Jageler today. A typical Friday, with Patriots talk and the wiseguys. Also a promotion throughout the show was giving away $20 bets on horses for tomorrow’s Breeder’s Cup. Bob Neumeier was replaced by Scott Zolak alongside Dale Arnold. Zolak isn’t bad at taking calls and interacting with the listeners. Patriots talk here as well. It continued over to the Big Show with Ordway, Smerlas and Felger. Mike Giardo hosted the McDonough group and was joined by Ron Borges and Tim Fox. Borges was surprisingly lucid for at least much of the first hour. It seems that when teams are struggling, he can spend time analyzing what they need to get better, and he’s not angry and bitter. When the team is winning, he’s miserable because there’s not much for him to do, so he does all he can to find things to criticize about them. That’s the best I can come up with for him. In the second hour, Borges got a little more antagonistic, boasting about the silence of the callers who were all over him the first three weeks of the season.

Bill Simmons takes us behind the scenes of sports talk radio. Ron Hobson previews Patriots/Broncos. Eric McHugh looks at Broncos kicker Jason Elam. David Pevear looks at Terrell Buckley’s third game in a row against a former team. Michael Felger looks at the red zone blues for the Sporting News. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has an Eastern Conference Notebook for ESPN.com.

Good to see former Sox 3rd baseman Wade Boggs maintaining his dignity in retirement. A couple of readers have e-mailed in to report that they saw Boggs on an infomercial as a celebrity endorser of a hair restoration product. He was even in the chair, with the “Doctor” drawing dots on his head and everything.