As Dale Arnold said on WEEI yesterday, the idea of the Expos playing in Fenway next year makes too much sense to have any truth to it. I’m curious why Red Sox management and MLB officials were so quick to shoot down the idea of the Expos even playing a few games at Fenway next year. Gordon Edes has the best account of the situation, starting from getting woken up yesterday morning by his boss who is demanding why he didn’t have this story yesterday. Lucchino laughed at the story and hung up, Henry sent a one line denial via e-mail, and MLB officials were equally quick and terse. Why is it so ridiculous? Glen Ordway made the point very well yesterday that Boston would not be able to support two teams full time. He’s correct. But, why not have the Expos come in and play 10-20 games here while the Sox are on West coast trips? The Red Sox get money, and they don’t lose fans, because the West coast games are so late, most people would have time to see both games if they wanted. By that limited number of games, it lessens the strain on the ballpark and the neighborhoods, and it would still be a novelty that people would likely want to go to, especially if the opponents were attractive. Other reports on the story are from Jeff Horrigan in the Herald, Sean McAdam in the Projo, and David Heuschkel in the Courant. On second thought, I just read Michael Gee’s column today, and found out that he agrees with me. I’m freaked out now. Time for some soul-searching here. One terrific line from Gee: “Imagine the thrills as Robby strides into the WEEI studios and throttles John Dennis in mid second-guess.”

Of the accounts from Terry O’Reilly night at the Fleet last night, I enjoyed Steve Conroy’s the most. It was the only one I got goosebumps from while reading. Joe McDonald’s account was well done also. Kevin Paul Dupont gave of a glimpse into O’Reilly’s day before the ceremony, trying to put his speech together, and coming to grips with the honor. The Herald has a transcript of the speech available. Marvin Payne gets O’Reilly stories from Bruins legends. The Herald once again has a plethora of O’Reilly stories. Lenny Megliola weighs in on last night. Jackie MacMullan does a story on Terry’s son, Evan. As for the actual game, Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Stephen Harris have pretty concise wrapups.

Gerry Callahan writes Bill Belichick’s pregame speech for Sunday. Alan Greenberg agrees this is a game to get pumped up about. Kevin McNamara says practices have been smooth, but that means nothing. Nick Cafardo profiles a Patriots Practice squad player whose family is near to where the sniper attacks were happening. Richard Seymour knows that he’s got to step up his game, according to Michael Felger. In Cafardo’s notebook, Matt Light knows he has to improve as well, and Belichick downplays Donald Hayes’ comments from last week. Felger’s notebook also has the Hayes comments from the coach, but focuses more on possible lineup changes. Hecto Longo wonders if there is a sophomore jinx with Seymour and Light. Ian Clark’s notebook focuses on Joe Andruzzi. Leigh Montville serves up his weekly picks.

Everyone likes Mike, according to Steve Bulpett. On the other hand, ‘they killed Kenny’. Anderson is available for a trade from the Sonics. Frank Dell’Apa is told by coach O’Brien that there are some simple solutions to the preseason struggles.

Alright…I’ll hand out the World Series links. Bob Hohler and Jeff Horrigan have the game stories from last night’s rout. Bob Ryan looks at the last game of the year at Pac Bell. Steve Buckley writes about the odd couple of Kent and Bonds. Gordon Edes and Sean McAdam look at Kent finally getting out of his slump. McAdam also looks at the Angels refusal to pitch to Barry Bonds. Horrigan’s World Series notebook includes news of Lucchino conducting a GM interview yesterday. Reds assistant GM Leland Maddox was the candidate.

Bill Griffith gets into some interactive TV that you can bet on horses with. John Howell looks ahead to ESPN’s NBA coverage. Let the speculation begin about who the host will be for WWZN’s “Celtics Rewind’ show set to debut next Wednesday night. As for the Celtics PA job, former announcer Andy Jick has apparently not even been given consideration for the job. The tentative plan is to have Dave Jageler and Eric Frede alternate the duties.

FSNE has Celtics/Wizards preseason at 8:00 (ESPN has the game nationally) ESPN2 has Hawaii/Frsno State college football at 9:00. ESPN also has Kings/Lakers at 10:30. At 5:00 this afternoon, ESPN Classic has World Series film from the 1967 Series between the Red Sox and Cardinals.