The panic button was pushed on Sport Final. (Literally) Borges admitted that he doesn’t like Belichick. Said he is disingenuous. The panel of Zolak, Borges and DeOssie talked vaguely about Belichick lying to the media. Then the conversation went into Brady/Bledsoe. Borges says Brady is Jeff Hostetler. The Giants didn’t trade Phil Simms after Hostetler led them to the Super Bowl. Zolak says the Patriots have peaked early, and they’re not that good. DeOssie says for a certain that the Patriots will not win next week. The other two agreed.

Felger and Cafardo were up next. Cafardo says next week could be the Patriots SuperBowl. But then Cafardo went after Felger for all the things he’s said during the offseason and up to the this point. Belichick can stop Bledsoe, more talent this year, etc. Cafardo insists that the team has tuned out Belichick. He thinks that many of the Patriots guys like Bledsoe, and won’t go after him. He puts his money on the Bills next week. Then Nick went into the whole deal about the Patriots being nuts for trading Bledsoe to the Bills. They should’ve kept him instead of trading him to a divisional rival.

Other segments: Burton on Shannon Sharpe, a segment with a Buffalo sportscaster, Shaughnessy in to talk about the MasterCard top 10 baseball moments, a Terry O’Reilly Video.

Tim Fox told Gene Lavanchy on Sports Extra that Tom Brady played his worst game as a Patriot. Very tentative, like he made a vow not to throw any interceptions. Smerlas noted there was no pressure on Griese, during the game. Then onto the Bledsoe matchup next week. After a break, back to the Patriots, Lavanchy notes that the rest of the country was right about this team last year and this. They’re not a very good team. There is a lack of hunger and intensity. No big plays being made on either side of the ball. Fox says the good news is that Belichick has had success against Bledsoe in the past.

Quick Links: Ron Borges is an objective reporter. Dan Shaughnessy compares the Patriots to past Red Sox teams. Michael Felger looks at nothing falling in place for this team. Tom Curran looks at 0-for-October. Nick Cafardo has the game story. Kevin Mannix says this is a bad team with a coach that has no answers.

During the broadcast yesterday CBS sideline reporter Armen Keteyian mentioned that there had been a fight during a Patriots practice last week, and that at one point 20 guys were involved. Did I miss the mention on this locally? I’ve been kind of out of it the last few days, so if it was mentioned in any of the local papers or news outlets, I didn’t hear about it.