Eddie and Jags were joined by Damien Woody and Matt Light on WWZN as part of their Tuesday football show. Nick Cafardo was the third man in the booth for this broadcast. On WEEI’s Big Show, Glen Ordway was joined by Michael Felger and Steve DeOssie and one of the first topics was a picture of Tony Battie that appeared on the front page of the Globe sports section today. Apparently the picture is, well, revealing. The photographer who is shown on the floor in the front of the photo, Steve Lipofsky, called into the show and was hilarious. The entire first segment of the Big Show was really funny. The repeated mantra was about the Globe deeming the Big Show offensive, and then running photos like that one. Larry Bird/Celtics talk was promised for later. Incidentally, this morning on Dennis & Callahan, John Dennis gave his opinion that Larry Bird would not be a good fit for the Celtics organization and questioned Bird’s personnel skills. Sean McDonough was joined by Bill Simmons and Pete Brock on the McDonough group, and covered a myriad of topics, from the Patriots to Celtics to baseball playoffs. Brock doesn’t like the tattoos on the NBA players, Simmons feels that cat hunting should be legal.

Mike Fine hands out season-ending Red Sox grades. Eric McHugh looks at the Patriots Defense, and asks some questions for the coming week. Glen Farley says the Patriots could use Bill Russell this week…they need a rebound. Jim Fenton looks at a fresh start for the Celtics. Rob Bradford looks at rookie J.R. Bremer. Bob Halloran finally believes in Tom Brady. Gregg Easterbrook submits his prodigious Tuesday morning quarterback column. This has to be one of the longest weekly columns out there. Each week there is just a plethora of information. It’s like Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback without the coffee and field hockey references and twice as long. King this week says Tom Brady has been spotted “canoodling” with Tara Reid and that Michael Irvin wants to reach out and help Randy Moss.

Speaking of interventions…have you ever had to talk about actually staging an intervention for one of your friends? That happened to me over the weekend. There’s a guy that a group of us know who has the disturbing habit of taking off his shirt at the first possible moment. Where ever he may be. If he was 18 years old and in possession of a great physique, this might be at least a little understandable. The guy happens to be 28 years old and about five foot three inches tall. He’s recently divorced, and spends most of his time hanging out around 18 year old girls. If you look at any pictures that have the group of us doing something, the guy has his shirt off. The last straw, and event that caused us to consider the intervention in the first place happened a few weeks ago. A couple that is a number of years older than my friends and I had a party to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. The event was held at a state beach, with a big tent, and catered meal and live band. In the invitations to the event, it was specified not to wear jeans, indicating that while the event was fairly casual, there was a standard of dress to live up to. In fact, button down shirts were encouraged on men. This guy wore a t-shirt. Well, a couple of hours into the event, we look over, and there he is, shirt off. First he’s dancing with the teenage girls by the live band, then he’s walking around the girls, shirt still off. Everyone seemed to recoil in disgust at this display. As I mentioned, he doesn’t have a great build, plus he’s…well, very short. So Sunday morning, at a brunch, the topic came up, and one of my friends put out the idea that perhaps we need to do something about this. He suggested that we invite him somewhere, (telling him there will be young women there) and then when he’s there and seated, we all come into the room, encircle him and let the intervention begin. Show him the photo albums…(“Do you notice something in common with all these pictures?”) Show him a few home movies that have been done…It was suggested to hook a telestrator to the movie so we could circle and point to just what might be out of place, (“What do you think looks out of place…Boom! right here…”)