Shira Springer gets a look at Vin Baker on his first day of training camp. Steve Bulpett focuses on Shammond Williams. Mike Muldoon also has a look at Williams. Springer’s notebook has Jim O’Brien preaching defense right from the start, and Eric Williams feeling good. Bulpett’s notebook has stuff mentioned in the above articles, with the addition of the story that Eric Williams had re-injured his finger over the summer catching a set of keys “tossed” to him by his girl. Celtic team previews are available on and . The former is pretty positive, the latter a bit less so. In the CNNSI article, the author, John Hollinger calls Antoine Walker “a joke of an all star”.

Gordon Edes has John Henry stating that the new CBA will hurt the Red Sox even more then first thought. Towards the end of the article it talks about the Red Sox needing to be able to find “Wal-Mart” type players to fill out the roster. For all the criticism of Dan Duquette for the big money he handed out to certain players, one of his other strengths was taking players off the scrap heap, and making them productive players for (initially) short money. That doesn’t get mentioned much. Guys like Wakefield, O’Leary, Saberhagen in ’99, and Daubach spring to mind. Michael Silverman gives us 10 clues to the demise of the Red Sox. Jeff Horrigan tosses some names around regarding the Sox GM search. Bob Hohler also reports on the process. Joe Murphy hands out some Red Sox grades. The Red Sox are pretty busy, as apparently they haven’t had time to contact Manchester, NH city officials about allowing another minor league baseball team to come into their territory, Kris Russell reports. Also, while browsing some articles on the site, I see that Union Leader beat writer Kevin Gray actually suggested the Sox think about trading Nomar way back on September 1st. He even puts forth a trade idea. Dan Shaughnessy loves the Yankees. No mention of Roger coughing up two leads last night…Gordon Edes looks at the reviled Barry Bonds.

Michael Smith looks at the work the Patriots secondary needs to do. From last week an exhaustive mail bag from Nick Cafardo. Some of the stuff in there is unintentionally funny. Michael Felger looks at the climate in Miami as a major factor. Felger’s notebook looks at the Patriots cap situation.

ABC Family has Braves/Giants at 1:00 and A’s/Twins at 4:00. Fox has Angels/Yankees at 8:00. FSNE has the deciding game three of the Revolution/Fire MLS playoff series tonight at 7:30. FSNE is also slowly improving its web site…