Steve Bulpett says don’t hold your breath waiting for Larry to come walking through that door. Peter May says that Bird prefers Charlotte. Shira Springer looks at the questions facing the Celtics as they head into a new season. Springer’s brief notebook gets the players view on Bird, while Bulpett’s notebook reports that Vin Baker paid Kedrick Brown 10 grand for the number 42. Lenny Megliola looks at the Celtics their status as a good team and their point guard situation. Carolyn Thornton has a similar article.

Alan Greenberg pins the Patriots struggles on a lack of team speed. Ron Borges says no, it’s Tom Brady’s fault: “Maybe, like many of their fans, they’ve begun to believe Brady really did do it alone. Maybe they’ve begun to delude themselves, like many a talk-show caller, that it was Brady who won the Super Bowl for them.” or maybe it isn’t: “But don’t hang Brady out to dry on this. You ask a guy to chuck it 46 times a Sunday and some bad things will happen at some bad times. You take away his running game and you put too many people in his face and worse things will happen.” Kevin Paul Dupont and Tom Curran look at the corrections needed on defense. Mark Murphy gives some injury updates in his notebook. Jim Donaldson submits a classic Jim Donaldson article. I think I’ll quote you a few whole paragraphs from this gem:

You can’t win ’em all

Well, they’ve beaten the world champions now.

That’s the way it goes in the NFL.

One week you’re unbeatable. They next week you’re vulnerable.

Two weeks ago, the Patriots seemed unbeatable. Now, they look vulnerable.

You can’t win ’em all

Unless you’re the ’72 Dolphins.

Michael Gee appears to admire Donaldson’s style, and tries it out for himself.

Gerry Callahan has a very good column on why Rickey Henderson got a car from the Red Sox. Bob Hohler has details of the baseball action at Fenway yesterday. Gordon Edes feels the Yankees won’t even make it to the World Series. Tony Massarotti hopes that they won’t. Hohler and Gordon Edes team up to bring the news that media favorite J.P. Ricciardi is likely staying put in Toronto. Sean McAdam also has this story. (By himself) I forget where I heard this, it was on the radio somewhere, but the theory was that the reason Ricciardi has been touted so much by the media here is because he’s a local guy who, during scouting trips in the past would always be willing to be one of those infamous unnamed sources to the local media here. So, the baseball writers here think maybe he’ll give them the same access if he’s the GM, so they’re pushing to get him in for that reason and as a reward for the gossip he’s given them in the past. Michael Silverman wraps up a few Sox related notes. Bill Reynolds says the Sox would be wrong to blow up this team. Chad Finn wraps up the Sox season.

Bill Griffith looks at the coverage of Ryder Cup, NFL and baseball playoffs. John Molori attempts to link all the Boston media figure with their various jobs. John forgets himself, he is a former TV sports producer for the station that is now AT&T3, hosted a sports radio show in Nashua, and his Media Blitz column appears in the Providence Journal, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, Lowell Sun, Boston Metro, and on the BostonCityBeat magazine website. A couple web site updates NESN’s web site will be morphed into the website starting tomorrow, and look for a new 1510 the Zone website to debut soon. The station will be breaking from the national Sporting News website and will have it’s own locally maintained site up soon.

Baseball playoffs tonight are broadcast as follows: ABC Family has Twins/A’s at 4:00. Fox has Yankees/Angels at 8:00, ABC Family has Diamondbacks/Cardinals at 11:00 (!) Tonight