CNNSI’s stats on Frank Castillo are wrong. I guess that’s no big surprise to many. I’m told all their decisions are listed double.

Dan Shaughnessy says bring back Roger. He’s sadly out of touch with the fans he claims to represent when he asks: “how fast would it take Red Sox Nation to forgive Clemens if he toed the rubber in a Sox uniform at Fenway next April?” Steve Buckley puts himself out there and says that without Pedro, the Sox have no chance. George Kimball drools over the Yankees. Gordon Edes writes about the turning point of the game. Jeff Horrigan’s notebook has a bit on Josh Hancock, Pedro’s encounter with George King, and status of appeals from the July 28th fight with the Orioles. (Wasn’t that supposed to be a spark to get this team going too?) Horrigan also manages to work in one of my favorite words into the article…”minions”. Sean McAdam wonders why Wayne Gomes was in the game at a critical juncture last night.

Kevin Mannix writes that you can’t compare this Patriots team to other recent champions. The Pats got better. Rich Thompson chats with Christian Fauria. Michael Smith writes about Lawyer Milloy and his charity event. Thompson’s brief notebook has Belichick’s thoughts on next Monday.

Jim Baker has Steve Burton as a favorite for a WWZN morning gig. He also looks at the upcoming NFL season with John Madden as well as local NFL coverage, as does Bill Griffith, who looks extensively at ESPN’s coverage. Griffith also mentions the Simonya Popova spoof article in SI last week. I didn’t read the article, but as I looked through it, I had the impression that something wasn’t right…Bob Ryan says watch out for Argentina.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. ESPN has the game nationally. ESPN2 has USA/Argentina at 8:00 and Royals/A’s at 10:00.ESPN also has a Brewers/Cubs matinee at 2:15.