Eddie once again brought up

Eddie once again brought up his gem of an idea…that the Red Sox should sue Manny Ramirez. This time it was after talking about him hitting into a double-play last night. That Manny does not care that he hit into the double play, did not run hard down the line and does not care about winning. A caller said he would trade him to any team, including the Yankees and would pay seven million of his salary, and Eddie didn’t even blink. He’s got Manny as the sole reason this team is underachieving. Dale and Neumy took calls from many Red Sox fans looking to vent frustration. An odd incident occurred when a caller was talking about old incident on the station and tried to say “you and Eddie” to Dale, and the station blanked out “Eddie”. A bit extreme, I think. The McDonough group was Sean, Mike Giardi and Ron Borges. Can’t wait for the Borges quote of the day…Len Pasquarelli appeared on the show and “wants to see Tom Brady do it all again” before he’s convinced. Of course, Borges was all over that. Over on the Big Show, Michael Felger and Steve DeOssie joined Glen Ordway. Felger is a looking for a DirecTV installer to hook him up. Apparently his installation got cancelled the other day and he’s been without TV for 3 days now. Another topic that came up was a web page that lists out who is appearing on what local sports shows and what they’re making. Media Whores, it was called. This is a family page, so there isn’t something like that here…

Len Pasquarelli looks at the incredible comeback of Robert Edwards. Though we’re well familiar with this story, it doesn’t get old. Ron Borges goes for understated in his NFL preview for MSNBC. Bill Simmons plays his match-the-Caddyshack-quotes-with-an-event-from-the-upcoming-NFL-season-game. (no comments from the Peanut gallery…that means you, Dan) The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review gives the Patriots some love. Except for the labeling of Drew Bledsoe as “brittle” this is a good article. Michael Silver of CNNSI predicts a repeat for the Patriots. John Clayton’s First…and ten looks at this weeks matchups. The Sporting News lists the top 100 players in the NFL. Only two Patriots make the list: Tom Brady (#80) and Lawyer Milloy (#86).