A “well done” to the Herald’s Jeff Horrigan. Tonight on the WEEI Red Sox pregame show, the topic of George King of the New York Post came up. At the name, Horrigan was clearly disgusted. He talked about King as being a guy who throws a lot of junk out there from all sorts of anonymous sources just to see if some of it sticks. The latest example being the rumor about Pedro’s shoulder being bad, which King reported both yesterday and today. Horrigan said he and other Boston media members were upset about this, because it was obviously false. Horrigan said that he confronted King about the matter and pressed him on what the source actually said about Pedro, pointing out his incredible ERA in August and the other numbers. King finally admitted that the “source” based his shoulder comment on a start Pedro made right after the All Star break in which he struggled slightly, a start Horrigan noted, that Pedro made on something like 7 days rest. Horrigan ended the segment by saying with clear disgust that guys like King sometimes make him “embarrassed to be a part of this profession”.