WEEI and WWZN both devoted a lot of talk to the Patriots today, with WEEI moving it’s “Patriots Monday” programming to today, with Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and others appearing on the shows. WWZN had Nick Cafardo in with Eddie and the Jag man. Patriots offensive linemen Damien Woody and Matt Light appeared on the program. Very few callers on this program. WEEI’s Big Show had Glen Ordway back from vacation and joined by Fred Smerlas and Steve Nelson. A caller wanted to talk about Ron Borges and his antics. Ordway feels that it’s this simple. That sometimes media figures have a hard time admitting when they’re wrong, and instead of just saying they were wrong, they dig their heels in deeper. Ordway says he can’t make sense out of Borges column yesterday, nor his words on Sports Final Sunday night. He just thinks that Borges cannot admit that he was wrong last year, and is doing all he can to try to prove himself right, and hope that the Patriots struggle and he can be vindicated. He doesn’t think it’s some sort of vendetta against Belichick. WEEI’s “Audio Vault” is a good idea, but if they’re serious about it, they should probably update it once in a while. The McDonough group was staffed by Sean, Bob Tewksbury and Mike Giardi. McDonough started out the show with a rant about his day and night yesterday. Red Sox talk commenced for a time after that.

John Molori’s Media Blitz examines the media silence on the Red Sox taking over Yawkey way, asks why Debbi Wrobleski can’t get a bigger role at WWZN and says his source tells him that Gerry Callahan’s new deal is more like $700,000 a year. One media name that has expressed displeasure at the Red Sox taking over Yawkey way has also been Eddie Andelman. ESPN.com’s “Experts” pick the NFL division winners and playoff teams. Out of 17 “experts” eight pick the Jets to win the division, five pick the Dolphins, and four select the Patriots. Only four however, say the Patriots will miss the playoffs. Anyone remember Bob Rossi? Oh yes..he was the Pittsburgh writer who attempted to make a name for himself by mocking the Patriots, their fans and stadium. Poor guy got canned. Or to be technical, his contract was not renewed for another year. Well, a former colleague at the Post-Gazzette wrote a eulogy for the “angry young man” –the persona that Rossi often wrote under. As e-mailer Mike said, there must be something in the water in Pittsburgh. Eric McHugh thinks that Terrell Buckley could be coming back to the Patriots.