The writers are excited. I don’t sense that the fans are. Bob Hohler thinks the Red Sox could be turning it around. Jeff Horrigan seems upbeat as well. Sean McAdam says there’s still a spark of life there. Steve Buckley is hopeful as well, though he continues the tradition that says at least one writer every day must say that Manny Ramirez didn’t hustle during the game. George Kimball looks at Casey Fossum’s clutch performance yesterday. Gordon Edes has the Yankees, and Mussina in particular, complaining about the conditions yesterday. Dan Shaughnessy and Michael Silverman look at Nomar’s 1000th hit. Bob Hohler reports on Pedro’s feud with NY Post writer George King. King yesterday had an “AL source” saying Pedro’s problem “could” be his shoulder. Horrigan’s notebook also touches on this and adds a few other notes.

Michael Felger has Lawyer Milloy considering his past and future. Tom Curran’s notebook looks at the transition from preseason to regular season and lists some cuts from around the league. Nick Cafardo describes the Patriots mood as they prepare for the Steelers. Cafardo’s notebook looks at a couple guys who did make the squad. From yesterday is Ron Borges’ article about the Belichick and Pioli’s failures in the draft. For a counter to Borges’ ridiculous claims, go look at this post from the Patriots usenet newsgroup. In that discussion, a few posters take Borges’ article and tear it to shreds. Included in the thread are copies of e-mails sent to Don Skwar and also a reply back from Borges to someone who challenged him.

Bob Ryan reports from another big Paul Pierce performance at the World Championships. From yesterday, Joe Murphy reminds us that it’s been 10 years since Larry Bird retired.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. ESPN2 has a “Farewell to Foxboro” NFL films presentation at 7:30, as well as USA/New Zealand at 9:00 from the basketball World Championship. TBS has Pirates/Braves at 7:30.