Pedro was the topic leading off Sports Sunday with Butch Stearns. His condition looks ok, he’ll test it out tomorrow to see if he can go Tuesday against Roger. Grady Little says Pedro needs to prove that he’s healthy to get the start. If he doesn’t make it, Frank Castillo will take his spot. An interview by Jerry Remy with Pedro, earlier this week before the injury was weaved throughout the show. Pedro at that time said he felt great. Stearns is throwing in the towel, despite the win today. After updates on the Yankees, Angels and A’s, the Patriots became the topic, with the list of today’s cuts. “Reid between the lines” focused on the Pats being the least talked about Super Bowl champs in history. Reid looked at the upgrades on the Offensive line and tight end. Daniel Graham is coming on strong, catching two TD’s and dominating in his blocking Thursday night. The secondary is improved with Victor Green in the mix.

A brief look at BC’s close call yesterday with UConn was in the next segment. The biggest question remains the tailback position. Coach O’Brien doesn’t know who will be the starting back next week yet. He added that the offensive line needs to learn how to block. More of the Remy interview with Pedro; things started to turn around after the first month of the season, after three or four starts, he started to get the feeling, based on how his body felt, that things were good. He felt “fresh” at the All Star break. Feels up the challenge of any situation. When he was feeling soreness, other players could tell, Jeter and Bernie Williams told him to take care of himself, that they could tell he was not right last year. He loves to face the Yankees. They’re how you tell what you’re made of. He wants to earn it against the best. About Derek Lowe, Pedro says that alot of the game is mental, and that he needs to be ready more as the season goes on, August, September, beyond, he’s going to be in shape physically, Pedro is working with him on the mental aspect. This season has been very enjoyment and a lot more fun. He’s really happy, not just with his results, but that he’s in there every five days.

Last Blast was about Paul Pierce and his play in the World Championships, he’s leading the team in scoring and wearing number nine, which was previously worn by Michael Jordan and Vince Carter in international play, a sort of nod, Stearns says to who is the best player on the team.

Mike Adams hosted NECN’s Sports Late night. Dick Radatz joined him in studio after the first break. A low stool for the Monster brought him down to Adams’ size. (Adams joked about it, but it really did seem to make the studio appear to be off-center) Radatz says today’s game established who the third starter is. He also said Wakefield would do good in the playoffs, that knuckleball pitchers usually do better against better hitting teams. Adams talked about Wakefield possibly going on one of those runs he’s famous for. Radatz thinks and hopes that Hermanson will replace Burkett in the rotation. Bats seem to be coming alive. Radatz says it’s a bunch of garbage about the strike affecting the on-field performance. Once you go on the field, all the other stuff is blocked out, they’re professionals. Radatz thinks Pedro will be in there Tuesday, especially if they lose tomorrow. A group of palindromes led off the last segment. “Go fall in a vanilla fog” and “God lived as a devil dog” were a couple up there. A look at the home run races, and NL races finished up the show.

Want a palindrome that wasn’t listed on the show, but perhaps should’ve been? How about “Boston, O do not sob.”? Seems appropriate.

Sports Final had Dan Roche in the big chair tonight. First panel was Steve DeOssie, Nick Cafardo, and Rico Petrocelli. They talked Red Sox to start. Their chances in the September and Pedro’s condition were hot topics. Cafardo noted that it’s too bad that Pedro is sore, as Wakefield is just coming on and that would’ve given them three hot starters. Rico joked about Burkett still wanting to go and strike and perhaps he should. Roche ended the first segment about Cliff Floyd in the Globe today saying it was 100% tougher to play in Boston than he thought it would be. Nomar’s comments today were also noted, and Rico feels the players are feeling the pressure.

A look back at the Patriots preseason led off the second segment, followed by Felger, Cafardo and Borges. Fred Coleman being cut was a surprise, but Cafardo says it’s because they drafted Givens and that the organization wants to be able to brag about how many of their own draft picks that have stuck. Felger says that was an unnecessary shot. He went onto them keeping so many offensive lineman. Cafardo says it was a mistake trading Grant Williams. Brady’s contract was brought up, and Borges says no one knows for sure what he’s going to do for the future. He noted some struggles he had in the preseason where defenses had him figured out. Felger admitted that Brady will struggle at times, but will come through when it counts. Roche says he no excuses now, with the new weapons. Cafardo says it’s not like when Bledsoe had to carry to team. Felger brought up the drive in the Super Bowl to set up the field goal and Borges went after him. (Predictably) Borges called it a mediocre drive. “A drive is John Elway taking the team 98 yards for a TD”. Roche tried to challenge him, saying you have to give him credit. Borges said Jeff Hostetler also won a Super Bowl and was never more than a backup after that. Borges insulted Felger about how long he’s been around, (3 days, Borges scoffed) then asked how many playoff games is a team going to win scoring one TD a game. Borges wants more TD’s this year. He ended this segment by gloating how Felger was wrong about the Patriots keeping the same offensive line all summer and how Felger had a hunch that the same five who started the Super Bowl would be the opening day starters.

A look at the new baseball collective bargaining agreement was up next, with Petrocelli and DeOssie coming back in with Cafardo to talk this out. DeOssie talked about the concessions the players association made. They gave back a nice chunk. Cafardo isn’t impressed with the deal, saying that both sides didn’t do enough. Petrocelli said the players gave up a lot. Roche and Cafardo agree that they should’ve added a minimum payroll. Smaller market teams don’t have to put money into payroll. Cafardo says this deal really hurts the Red Sox. They will likely not be able to keep all their stars including Nomar. They referenced his comments today about buying a t-shirt with a guys name on it, and he isn’t here the next year. Roche brought up the name of Hanley Ramirez as a guy to watch for the future. Cafardo is not hopeful for the future for the Red Sox, need a new ballpark, trying all these ways to make money, the new deal hurting them.

Michael Smith and Michael Holley were the in studio guests for Channel 7’s Sports Xtra. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch it later.