Where do they get this stuff? Today, Bob Hohler writes that Cliff Floyd “also doubled, giving him his first multihit game for the Sox.” Last night was the eighth game in which Floyd had two or more hits for the Sox. (You can look it up) He also had a three hit game August fourth in Texas. This was at the end of the otherwise alarming notebook in which Hohler informs us of Pedro’s hip soreness. How about this quote from media darling Johnny Damon in the Herald’s notebook today, referring to the incident in Anaheim where the fans threw things on the field in frustration: “Hopefully all the jealous fans who have been calling us names will take a step back now and realize how much an idiot they looked” . I sure hope Johnny was quoted out of context, because that quote put out by itself is very inflammatory. Way to put yourselves back in the good graces of the fans…

Jackie MacMullan writes how most fans are going to choose the Patriots over the Red Sox anyway. Dan Shaughnessy writes about the team that knew too much…Bob Ryan writes about Paul Pierce putting on his Superman cape last night and saving the US team.

Fox25 Has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00, TNT has the US vs China in basketball at 9:00.