Bob Hohler as well as Jeff Horrigan recap last nights awful loss. David Heushkel encapsulates the evening quite nicely, and has more Carl Everett quotes than the Globe or Herald. Sean McAdam has lost patience with this group. Jeff Horrigan’s notebook has details of Grady’s meeting with the players, and other assorted notes. Kevin Paul Dupont along with Michael Silverman have the obligatory Carl Everett articles. Dan didn’t write one? Has his restraining order not expired yet?

Speaking of Dan, he is still apparently obsessed with hair, as he mentions Manny and Pedro’s new hair styles in his column today. Remember the article from that weekend that Dan devoted to Manny’s hair? A reader wrote into Dan, and asked that perhaps the sports section should actually contain sports, rather than fashion critiques. Dan wrote back to tell the reader to aim his criticism higher, that he was just following orders…Sports Editor Don Skwar asked him to write about Manny’s hair…and we wonder why the Globe sports section has hit the skids in recent years…Dan’s article today is otherwise solid, looking at the Sox struggles from the angle of Larry Lucchino, But he also dismisses Jason Varitek’s claim that he called for the slider that IRod tied the game with, Dan says it’s more fun to blame Urbina.

Tom Curran looks at the Patriots run defense. The old-time baseball dude is begging for a quarterback controversy to stir things up. An uninspired piece. Today is Kevin Mannix’s turn to write about Joe Andruzzi. Michael Smith writes about linebacker Maugaula Tuitele, who has been signed and released 15 times by the Pats. Curran’s Notebook has the team possibly saying goodbye to Bryant College for good.

Peter May, covering the World Championships, catches up with Paul Pierce to get his thought on Vin Baker and the offseason activity by the Celtics.

Things got a bit heated on WEEI yesterday afternoon, as Sean McAdam and Glen Ordway took on Michael Felger on the issue of baseball. (Nomar’s pitch selection in particular.) At one point one of them mockingly referred to Felger as “Mr Baseball”, to which Felger responded with something along the lines of: You put me on this show to give my opinion..if you don’t want my opinion maybe I shouldn’t be on this show anymore…Maybe Felger can go join his pals the Touchback Twins on WWZN…

NESN has Red Sox/Rangers at 7:00. The game is also on ESPN2 nationally. ESPN2 also has Reds/Diamondbacks at 10:00. They also have Angels/Yankees this afternoon at 1:00. HBO has the fourth episode of Hard Knocks tonight at 11:00.