Dale Arnold had Ron Hobson in studio with him for today’s WEEI midday program. Along with the Patriots, a major topic was talking about the Red Sox 4-41 record this season when trailing after seven innings. Dale also wonders if there is something afoot because he’s noticed that every player that ends up with the ball from the third out of an inning throws it in the stands now. An edict from above? Up at WWZN, Eddie and Jags went through a show that consisted mostly of Eddie breathlessly promoting an appearance by Bobby “the brain Heenan. (the guy didn’t come on until 2:52) Andre the Giant’s popularity among women was also discussed. Nick Cafardo was on the show as well, and Eddie and Nick both agree that there is little chance the Patriots will beat the Steelers on opening night. Eddie wonders how you order a coffin for a Giraffe. Glen Ordway was joined by Sean McAdam and Michael Felger on the Big Show. Sean McDonough was joined by Bill Simmons and Butch Stearns. They started out talking about 4-41 stat. McDonough doesn’t think it’s a huge deal.

Bill Simmons gets behind the idea of fan action against the baseball strike. Patriots.com has a transcript of todays Bill Belichick press conference. Ed Cossette has information on an HBO documentary on the Curse of the Bambino legend. The producer of the program is looking for fans to provide interviews for the show. (not so fast Mr Shaughnessy….)