Gerry Callahan indicates that baseball has an exaggerated sense of self-importance if it thinks the country needs to see games on September 11. Lenny Megliola agrees. Bob Ryan looks at how Tiger has changed how we watch golf. Stan Grossfeld has the story of a 1955 team that was not allowed to play in the Little League World Series.

Gordon Edes’ article today has a few interesting tidbits. Good-guy Johnny Damon’s knee problem has been well chronicled in the press, but Edes, a recipient of Carl Everett’s wrath in the past, notes that’s Damon’s injury is “eerily reminiscent of Carl Everett’s knee injury, sustained when he banged the turf in St. Petersburg last season, which was pooh-poohed by management and media alike but ultimately required surgery in December.” Also, with all the uproar recently about Manny not producing runs, Edes makes another good point by noting that Ramirez went 10-22 on the road trip with 2 homers, but only has 7 RBI this month. Why? Edes notes that Damon is 7-35 (.200) Nixon is 7-37 (.189) and Nomar is 4 for his last 23. Hard to drive in runners that aren’t there. How many times have we seen Manny leading off the second inning, or any inning for that matter? The guys in front of him are not keeping the inning alive long enough for him to get to the plate.

Jeff Horrigan looks at the friendship between Shea Hillenbrand and Everett, Hillenbrand claims management tried to prevent the two of them from hanging out, and Horrigan says it must’ve been a “paranoid, controlling, out-of-work former general manager.” Tony Massarotti says the players have no one to blame but themselves. There are no major injuries, no clubhouse strife. An unnamed player said :”We’re the best worst team in baseball.” Edes’ Notebook today features Jason Varitek’s slump, and the fact the John Henry Williams has not given up his dream to play baseball. David Heuschkel writes that Alan Embree could become the Sox closer next year and be the most intimidating since Lee Smith. Quotes from Mike Port in here don’t seem to indicate that the team has much interest in Urbina for next year.

Nick Cafardo looks at how much Troy Brown means to the team. Kevin Mannix checks the progress of Daniel Graham. Cafardo has the better of similar notebooks. Paul Kenyon has details of Joe Andruzzi’s struggles to get back on the field.

Bill Griffith returns from vacation to provide notes on WBZ’s Saturday ratings bonanza, Little League world series coverage and various media notes.

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NESN has Red Sox/Rangers tonight at 7:00, following the all new Boston Globe pre-game show at 6:30. TBS has Braves/Padres at 10:00. HBO’s Real Sports at 10:00 has a long segment on Terry Glenn.