Bill Belichick was on the Big Show for his first Patriots Monday appearance this season on WEEI. Joe Andruzzi practiced today, he’s showing slow improvement. Rohan Davey was out today, attending a funeral, so Steve DeOssie’s son filled in as a third QB. The first two preseason games have been not bad. Not great, but there are a lot of positives. Deion Branch has flashed some playmaking ability. Anyone can go out and have a few good plays or a good preseason game, they need to get consistency out of him. Graham is working hard, coming around on the running game, he has a ways to go, but in the long run he’s going to be ok. He has the most to learn and furthest to go of all the tight ends, but is also moving the fastest. Tylski retiring might’ve been a blessing actually as it has given Adrian Klemm a chance. Belichick said he has really blossomed and really come on. The defensive line additions are looking good, they’re probably “a player, player and a half” deeper at that position than they were a year ago. Neal has made more progress than any other player in camp, but he also has had the furthest to go. He now knows how to put his pads on correctly. He’s learning more everyday, great athlete, good instincts, needs more discipline. Rest of conversation was about preparation for opponents, and the new building, nothing particularly noteworthy….