Larry Lucchino joined Greg Dickerson and Michael Felger on the WEEI morning show.

Dickerson bragged about staying up for game and getting up at 4:15 for show. He asked Lucchino what he was thinking when they got down early. Lucchino admitted he was a little concerned at that point, but they finally showed some of that “old Red Sox power”. This kind of win helps, they needed it, haven’t had a lot of dramatic wins. They really need to go on a tear, win five or six in a row, not one here and one there. Lucchino mentioned that Port and Epstein are still scouring the waiver wire everyday, if a player clears that can help them they will claim one, but there isn’t anyone really hot at the moment. Most players out there aren’t what they are looking for or have ridiculous contracts. Felger asked if someone told you that you’d have a healthy Nomar and Pedro and that Lowe would be winning 17 games, would you think you’d be this far out…Lucchino answered by countering those positives with the negatives of Hermanson being out all season, Manny missing alot of games, the struggles in the bullpen. He said just the fact that they are in the hunt is what we should be recognizing. The coaches and managers feel good about this team. They have the manpower to do it. Talk of tickets still being available was followed by Felger asking what grade would Lucchino give Little at this point. He didn’t give a grade at all, just said that managers are always going to be second guess, in Boston more than anywhere else. The job of the manager is just that, to manage. It’s not so much about tactical issues. There have been no issues, no tumult and that is the best indication that the team is headed in the right direction, and that they are being managed well. An E-mailer asked about the team not have a sense of urgency that the team needs a kick in the pants to get them going. Lucchino answered that fire is more of an attribute suited for other sports. Baseball is more about consistency, regularity, because of the everyday nature of it. Fire is a football cliche. Lou Piniella used to be a screamer, now have more mellow and predictable and team has shown it the last few years. Talked some about the Luxury tax, Lucchino said he would call it a competitive balance tax. Just a payroll tax. Hes not at the table, so he doesn’t know what progress is being made with that. The core issues are unresolved. There was a payroll tax in the past, but the money was used for other things, now it needs to be used more as a central fund for baseball. The tax would discourage clubs for having an “out of whack” payroll in comparison to everyone else. The immediate impact would likely be detrimental to the Red Sox as it diverts revenue from them to other places. But in the long term it will be better. Dickerson said they’re getting phone calls from people saying they’ve called the ticket office and are being told that Tickets are sold out for the remainder of the season. Lucchino said the put out tickets that are freed up the day of the game or the day before, if you want to go on Tuesday, call Tuesday. But there may not be four tickets together, if that is what they’re calling about. Felger asked when he can get beer on Yawkey way. Lucchino said September 5 is the day. Dickerson then said that during a post game interview with Trot Nixon, music from the Backstreet boys was heard in the background. Just wanted to say that no team has won a World Series that listened to the Backstreet boys. The call ended with talk of the Jimmy Fund radio-thon, and Lucchino’s and the Red Sox association with it.