The best article in the papers this morning is by Jackie MacMullan and it doesn’t have to do with the Red Sox or Patriots. It’s about remembering Reggie Lewis. Charles Barkley and Dennis Johnson are among those quoted in the story, Barkley said Reggie “was on track to be a Hall of Famer.” DJ talks about how Reggie was one guy that Dennis Rodman simply could not guard. In other Celtic news, Shira Springer looks at Rodney Rogers signing with the team that eliminated the Celtics.

Tony Massarotti makes a convincing case that the bullpen is the main reason for the Sox troubles, more so than the lack of a key hit. Jeff Horrigan’s notebook from today contains another reference to Jose Offerman threatening to beat up a Boston writer on Tuesday. He mentioned it yesterday as well. Wonder who it was? As far as I can see, it was not mentioned in the Globe yesterday or today…could it be a Globie? Anyone with a scoop feel free to inform me. Inquiring minds want to know. For a non-Boston media perspective on Offerman, check out this Seattle article with quotes from Pedro and Tony Clark, and the writer also saying that “even the reporters who were the targets of his vitriol describe Offerman as “a great guy.” Interesting. Jeff Horrigan and Bob Hohler submit their game stories. I’ll admit, I went to sleep after Edgar Martinez’s homer. Steven Krasner looks at the rotation of “Martinez, Lowe and uh oh”.

Michael Gee says we should all be happy that the Patriots and Tom Brady are having snags in their contract talks. Really. Michael Felger reports that the real contract difficulties could come with Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli. He indicates that Pioli is likely to get a GM offer from some team. Dy-no-mite! Felger and Michael Smith report on the return of Jimmy “JJ Walker” Hitchcock. Kent Thaler, if you’re reading, please put down the sharp object…Michael Smith’s Notebook has pieces about backup running backs, Adam Vinatieri and how the offense looked in yesterday’s practice.

Onto a mea culpa…Monday I erroneously identified Big Show producer Brett as the one making the veiled shot at Sean McDonough with the comment about Priestley leaving his wallet in the car. It was actually the other producer, Andy who made the comment. Sorry, Brett.

Fox25 has Red Sox/Mariners at 10:00. ESPN has Padres/Mets at 1:00. TBS has Giants/Braves at 7:30. ESPN also has Raiders/Titans preseason football at 8:00.