Dale and Neumy spent a good chunk of their show today defending Manny Ramirez. Neumeier says the only issue he has is his running to first base. He doesn’t mind his expressions, his hair or the length of his pants. Dale thought Shaughnessy’s article over the weekend on Manny’s hair was silly. The two of them defended Manny against nitwit callers who insisted that Manny isn’t pulling his weight, that he doesn’t care and doesn’t try. One caller insisted that Manny should be among the league leaders in homers and RBI even though he missed almost six weeks of the season. Neumeier pointed out that Manny has played 78 games this season, or just under half of a 162 game schedule. You take his numbers now and double them, and Manny would end up with 40 home runs and 128 RBI in 156 games. They tried to find AL outfielders you would choose over Manny, and couldn’t find many. Ichiro was about the only definite. Meanwhile, on the Eddie and Jag man show, the theme was meaningless stats. Eddie also refered to the Yankees catcher as “Jose” Posada.

Just as Dale and Neumy were going off the air, Glen Ordway reported that it was Tony Massarotti that had the incident with Jose Offerman. Then just before 3:00, Tony Massarotti called in to WWZN, apparently it was he that got into the tiff with Offerman out in Seattle, Tony claims not to know what he did that Offerman didn’t like, at one point Offerman said “if this happens again I’ll kick your (butt).” Eddie said he should’ve told him he was a worthless stiff. Steve Burton, who is hosting the 3:00 show, was in on this, tried to pump this up into Showdown at the OK Corral by saying “But you didn’t back down, did you Tony…” I got a phone call right in the middle of this bit, so I missed some of the details. Burton is to be joined by Kevin Paul Dupont and Rico Petrocelli on the show. Rico recalled an incident he had with a media personality in his playing days.