Apparently Steve Buckley was amused by a Big Show caller yesterday who compared Manny’s look to Harpo Marx, as he used it uncredited in his column today, which otherwise is a recap of all he said on FSNE’s baseball show last night. The goal of the media whore page is to expose guys like Buckley who can say the exact same things on three or four outlets, collecting a paycheck at all of them. Ugly name, but it somehow fits. Michael Silverman’s notebook looks at Dustin Hermanson’s progress. Bob Hohler outlines the Sox plans to pick up a game a week on the Yankees. Hohler’s notebook looks at John Burkett and has notes on Rickey and Tim Wakefield. In a column from the weekend, Chad Finn asks if Grady Little is making the grade.

Nick Cafardo looks at Joe Andruzzi’s mystery ailment. Kevin Mannix with a good article on the Patriots super special teams. Michael Gee strings together 649 words and calls it a day. Cafardo has the more complete Notebook today. Cafardo and Felger were back at it on FSNE’s New England Sports Tonight. Cafardo thinks it’s ok Antowain Smith came in and failed the conditioning test, Smith gets into shape at his own pace. He thinks Bledsoe has all the weapons he needs in Buffalo to turn that team around. He laughed heartily when Felger said that the Bills are a 4-12 team and mocked Felger by saying “Michael thinks the Patriots are going to win 14-16 games.” He reiterated that his job is to look critically at the team, not to be a fan. He added that he is not a fan of the team. We can tell, Nick. Kevin McNamara looks at tight end Christina Fauria.

Bob Ryan pays homage to Chick Hearn, and by extension, other play by play guys…Jim Greenidge has a media notebook today with comings and goings at Channels 7 and 56. Jim Baker also has a look at the new WB56 weekend sports anchor, as well as details about the as yet unannounced Red Sox deal with Channels 4 and 38 for over the air broadcast games for next season.

Fox25 has Red Sox/Mariners at 10:00 tonight. The game is also on ESPN nationally. TBS has Braves/Giants at 7:30.