Afternoon notes….WEEI’s Big Show led off talking about Cafardo and Borges’ antics on “Sports Final” last night. Glen Ordway is back from vacation, joined by Felger and DeOssie. The three of them cannot believe the venom spouted by the Globe writers about the Patriots. You hear it on the air and it seeps into their columns as observed by Ordway. Basically it seems to boil down to the fact that Cafardo and Borges were wrong last year, and cannot bring themselves to admit it. What makes it more curious is Cafardo’s upcoming book on last years dream season. Dale and Neumy were also both in studio today, talk on their show focused much on baseball and a possible strike. At least twice on WEEI today, shots at Sean McDonough were made in reference to Jason Priestley’s car wreck yesterday. First Greg “I love Manny” Dickerson made a crack around 7:15 this morning, and then on the Big Show, Producer “Brett” also made a veiled McDonough reference by asking if Priestley left his wallet in the car. John Holt filled in for McDonough this afternoon on WWZN and was joined by Michael Smith, with Cafardo scheduled to join later.

In John Molori’s Media Blitz today, he unleashes some criticism towards the WBCN broadcast of Saturday’s Patriots game. Speaking of that game, in addition to Glanville’s ineptness, Don Criqui apparently lost track of the score, or forgot that the Giants made a two point conversion, as during the last few minutes he kept talking about the Patriots attempting to get into a position for a “game winning field goal by Adam Vinatieri.” Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback focuses on Mike Martz. A blurb at Gerry Callahan’s old stomping grounds, The Lowell Sun has a Red Sox official describing just promoted Spinners shortstop Hanley Ramirez “as a potential Alfonso Soriano .”