WEEI has Larry Johnson and Bill Burt on with Glen Ordway on a show that Pete Sheppard has figured in prominently. Sheppard is the Anti-Borges/Cafardo and thinks Brady could put up Marino-like numbers and will receive a contract in the 42-50 Million dollar range over 5 years. The others on the show of course take exception to this. Pete also said it was a lock that the MLBPA would set a strike date Friday and then be back playing games on Monday. He was asked to clarify it several times and stayed firm. Then Ordway asked…”You think that the players will say they are going to strike and then walk out the same day?” Pete then apparently realized what he was saying and tried to say that the players will announce a strike date Friday, but work on a deal over the weekend and have it settled by Monday. Poor Pete. On the Red Sox and their struggles, Bill Burt is hammering away at Manny and his mediocre production. LJ tries to keep pointing out that Manny has only played 76 games so his production numbers are below those of Nomar, but whenever the question of the Sox losing close games comes up, Bill says Manny has do more. Ordway pointed out the Red Sox batting average with runners in scoring position from the seventh inning on is first in the league, and that it is really the middle relief that is failing the team. He noted that guys like Burkett don’t have a lot of losses because they’re leaving the game with the team in good position, and then the bullpen gives up the lead. It isn’t so much about clutch hitting, as it is the bullpen doing the job. John Holt was joined by Bill Simmons on WWZN. ESPN radio in New York is reporting that Rodney Rogers will be signing a two year contract with the New Jersey Nets in the next day or two.