Firstly, from the weekend, Will McDonough makes his return, and decides he wants to get in on the massive Dan Duquette pile-on. McDonough may have been a bit rusty as he tries to relate a story that the Sox named “pitcher” Mark Fischer as their minor league player of the year over David Eckstein one year simply because Fischer was one of the draft choices they got as compensation for Roger Clemens. McDonough says in fact, that Fischer “did nothing in Lowell”. Only two problems with that allegation. Fischer was not a pitcher, he was an outfielder, and he in fact had a very good season at Lowell, He hit .330 in 48 games compared to Eckstein’s .301 in 68 games. It was only when he was promoted to AA that it was discovered that the Fischer couldn’t play. Why can’t the media get past Duke and Jimy? Yesterday, Tony Massarotti wrote glowingly about Jimy and the surging Astros. Gordon Edes used his Sunday Notes column as a platform to ridicule the contract given to Jose Offerman by Duquette, with a quote from the agent: ”I’ll find some fool who will give him $18 million.” he also went after Manny a little more criticizing him for a perceived lack of hustle on a double play ball the same game that Manny went first to third on the misplayed dribbler to second. Oh yeah, Dan Shaughnessy also devoted an entire column to Manny’s hair. As Dan correctly points out, perhaps he isn’t the one in the media to be making fun of someone else’s hair.

Onto today. Chris Snow says Urbina is heating up again. Bob Hohler’s notebook has Grady Little shuffling his rotation to make sure Pedro and Lowe are in line to face the Yankees in the remaining two series. Of course, the season may not last that long as Mike Shalin discusses strike possibilities. Johnny Damon is rooting for the Yankees. Yesterday, Edes reported on Rickey Henderson wanting to play one more year with the A’s next year. Today Michael Silverman has Rickey saying he’d like to play here next year.

Patriots…Michael Felger says the passing game was impressive Saturday night. Tom Curran also chooses to look at the positive. Nick Cafardo isn’t so impressed. If you saw Cafardo and Borges’ performance on Sports Final last night, (logged below) you’ll know why. Not sure what the agenda is with those two. They seem to act like the Patriots winning the Super Bowl was the worst thing to ever happen, and that this team is just poised to fall off the table. Cafardo said last week on WWZN that his job is to “look at the team with a critical eye”. Perhaps that’s the specific assignment given to him by his editor, but I thought a reporter was supposed to report the facts and tell us what is happening. It also seems “critical eye” means bring out all the negatives and pass off the positives. Kevin Mannix looks at Deion Branch’s performance. George Kimball has a totally sojourning article touching on all things Patriots. Bob Ryan looks at the transition into a new season and motivations facing the squad. An article from Sunday in the ProJo looks at the Personality types of successful quarterbacks and examines how Brady stacks up. Pretty interesting that many of the top QB’s in history have the same personality type. From yesterday in the Globe, Nick Cafardo is more than happy to allow Bryan Cox a forum to trash the Patriots front office.

Off day for the Sox as they head west. ESPN has Bucs/Dolphins preseason Football at 8:00.