Steve Buckley says that last night’s game wasn’t up to the level of the “famed” ’71 game between Siebert and Blue that he wrote about yesterday.(a 4-3 Sox victory, last night was a 4-2 Sox victory) OK, maybe it wasn’t. But Buckley doesn’t tell us *why* the game wasn’t as good as the ’71 game. What wasn’t as good? What separated the two games? Or is this just a case that the present day just isn’t as good as the good ol’ days? Sean McAdam doesn’t engage in hyperbole, or compare this game to any other, just labels it “an affirmation” game. I’m glad to see Bob Hohler mention in his game article Manny’s hustle in going from first to third on the grounder that momentarily got by A’s second baseman Mark Ellis. Sean McDonough during a double play that Manny hit into later in the game suggested that Manny slowed up going into first base. A replay didn’t seem to confirm that. Remy said that Manny continues to have pain in his arch, which could limit him at times. Hohler also has a very informative Notebook. Bob Ryan paints a bleak labor picture, but concludes by saying he doesn’t think there will be a strike.

Kevin Mannix says Tom Brady has looked good in getting rid of the ball quickly in practice, with his offensive line decimated. Michael Felger chronicles the struggles of the Pats offense in practice and mentions a “scolding” they received as a result. Michael Smith looks at British born receiver Scott McCready. Smith’s Notebook has the lengthy list of players not appearing in tomorrow night’s preseason opener.

Shira Springer has Mark Blount signing with Denver and lists the Celtics preseason schedule.

NESN has Twins/Red Sox at 7:00. TBS has Braves/Astros at 8:00.