Catching snippets of WEEI’s morning show, Mike Adams and Bill Burt were on, Adams was his usual self. Burt was too…They had Don Criqui on to talk about tomorrow night’s Patriots Preseason opener, and Burt apparently didn’t realize that Criqui is one of CBS’s NFL broadcasters, and also put him on “Access Hollywood”, rather than “Inside Edition”. He also couldn’t hold up his end of a Nolan Ryan vs Roger Clemens debate. (He had Clemens) Burt stated that Ryan “chose” to play with the lowly Angels. (He was traded. In 1972– before free agency in baseball started)

Dale Arnold was joined by the “Touchdown Twins” Kevin Mannix and Ron Hobson. There was Red Sox talk, a listener called in to give Jose Offerman some love and that generated much response from other callers, who lined up to bash Offerman. Dale pointed out a gaffe by the Inside Track gals today. The segment in question: “Our Cape spies report that ex-Padre Billy Bean and ESPN baseball guru Peter Gammons were downing lobster rolls at The Chart Room in Cataumet the other day. Guess Gammons wants Bean’s take on the big “Arli$$” controversy. The former outfielder, who came out after he quit baseball in 1995, enraged gay fans with an appearance on the HBO sitcom advising a fictional player to stay in the closet to protect his career.” Dale pointed out that it was actually Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane that Gammons was lunching with, not the gay ex-ballplayer. Dale added that Beane brought his wife daughters with him on this trip east. There was also of course Patriots talk on the show, with the crew cautioning fans that the first couple games at the new stadium will likely see it’s share of messes and traffic snarls as people get used to the new layout.

Eddie Andelman was joined by Tony Massarotti on WWZN, Andelman’s son, David also spent a significant amount of time on the show, which was broadcast from The Place in Boston. As you might imagine, the show went long periods of time without sports talk as Eddie and David reminisced on all things Andelman. Rico Petrocelli spent some quality time on the program. As it is Friday, Eddie’s wiseguy buddies from Vegas also wasted time on the program.

Bill Simmons talks about life in a luxury box. Art Martone leaves a pre-vacation notebook. Our pal Bob Rossi, the Pittsburgh writer attempting to make a name for himself (and save his job) by bashing the Patriots and their fans, has some reader feedback from his Wednesday column.