Radio note from yesterday, passed along to me, I didn’t hear it personally, So I can’t verify all that was said. If someone wants to confirm it, that would be great. Dickerson and Felger on the WEEI morning show had Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Bob Rossi, who wrote that column the other day making fun of Gillette Stadium and the Patriots. Dickerson and Felger tore him up. Rossi seemed nervous and wasn’t exactly well spoken. He tried to defend the article saying that it was tongue-in-cheek, and that if we saw it in print rather than online it would have been better. (huh?) He receives e-mails from Patriot fans all the time, and that they make up the most of his readers. He actually asked people to e-mail the paper and tell them to rehire him as his contract is up before the Monday Night opener. He tried to say that fluke plays beat the Steelers, but admitted that the Patriots are a very strong contender. He did admit his column was pretty bad. He said that Steeler fans already have the team in the Super Bowl this year.