Geez…even the Pittsburgh writers are getting into the trash talk against the Patriots: “The Steelers are still going to open a can on New England come Sept. 9.”

WWZN has a “huge announcement” to be unveiled during tomorrow’s Eddie and the Jag man show. Eddie later clarified it as “something fun”, so it may not be so “huge” after all. (Could it be as small as The Sporting News naming Boston as its best sports city in North America for the year for 2002? I’d like to think they’re going name some hosts for a new morning show.)

Mike Port was on The McDonough Group with Sean, Bill Simmons and Kip Lewis. Most of the talk was about the continued need to improve the club. Port described the process of waiver wire monitoring and claims, and mentioned they’ve put in several claims, but none have panned out yet, either because a team below them made a claim, or the player’s club pulled back the waivers. He also said Willie Banks is back. Arrojo is on the DL. Josh Hancock at Pawtucket is someone who could help them at some point, perhaps even this season. A candidate for a September call-up. Asked about the unsigned draft picks, Port said that is something “on the table” and they’re working on it, time is running out. They think they’re “still alive” on those fronts. Denied the conspiracy theory with the Montreal deals, said they would not have given up to very fine young pitchers if there was anything fishy. He think it’s just an issue because a “AL team to the south of us” wanted the player as well and didn’t get him. Asked about the discipline coming from the MLB offices, Port understands it’s a tough job, but doesn’t understand the process, and thinks the punishments handed out have been too tough.