How petty is WEEI with WWZN? Yesterday on the Big Show, Pete Sheppard wouldn’t even say the name of “The Sporting News” magazine. He just said something like a faily well-known magazine has named Boston the best sports city in North America.

Larry Lucchino was on with Greg Dickerson and Michael Felger on WEEI this morning:
Club really needed last night, tonight will be real test…Lucchino said it’s quite a match-up tonight, (Lowe-Zito) fans will get money’s worth. Last night was a hard loss, there are a lot of hard losses. Club needs a win like that in final at bat, against closer like that. Momentum starts and stops with the next day’s pitcher. We need to get on a streak, 5-6 in a row. Felger asked if this team can play in the clutch Lucchino answered that teams that win point to very dramatic victories, last minute heroics There have not been too many times we were able to come back in the eighth and ninth. White Sox yesterday came back from 6-2, Hillenbrand hit that home run back in April but not enough of those games. Doesn’t think there’s a weakness in that regard, we have people that will step up. If they have the same numbers come October, he’ll agree that there’s something wrong. Manager’s job to keep players on an even keel. Our job to keep fans on an even keel. The fans come back every night. We suffer the ups and downs too. Tough getting up in the morning after one of those losses. Have to keep yourself on more of an even-keel. Let’s hope we don’t look back on that catch as the difference in the playoffs or a wildcard situation. Dickerson asked about Donald Fehr being in town is there a feeling on strike now? There was a steroid concession. Lucchino said It’s a definite step in the right direction. But remember the issue, such a clear and obvious one for health and the game. Other leagues have tested for steroids for years, but we should hold off on the plaudits and credits, because we need to move on to the bigger issues. Travesty and disaster of work stoppage, let’s hope they are moving towards some flexibility on their part. Our proposal on steroids was put in February, and we’re just getting a response now. Lucchino is a little down from the game, but he does think it is quite possible that the people can make this happen this year. Like everything in life it will probably come down to a last minute type of thing. Work stoppage is utterly intolerable. Public recognizes we need reform. Competitive balance. Escalation of salary. Change is in the air, we can’t keep doing things the same old way to handle the same old problems. Proper way to look at it as significant reforms in the core issues. If we can get reforms in the structure of rev. sharing, payroll tax, get teams more evenly balanced, that’s the way to look at it. In ’94 looking for salary cap and that may have been silver bullet. Asked how difficult is in for ownership in terms of work stoppage, you’re still in race, $700M to pay off, losing some money BUT there has to be change in the system. Says that Oakland is concerned about the ability to be able to retain their players. I think we have to be realistic on a variety of issues. Other notion that you have to destroy village in order to save it. Not what public, baseball world will tolerate. a very difficult position, got to get meaningful reform without tactic of work stoppage, that should be the goal. I would vote in favor of significant reforms in key areas rather than try to hit a grand slam and suffer a work stoppage. I will remain optimistic, I’m not at the table, but I’m seeing signs of flexibility on players association… our proposals are moderate by nature, no one has salary cap, let’s fine tune revenue share, get a better draft situation, and address steroids. This can be solved, compromised. Start with proposals put in by the clubs and see that they are moderate by nature.Dickerson commented that Yawkey Way was shut down.Lucchino said that is inaccurate. Not about setting up four beer tents. Setting up an area where people can gather before and after the game. Like Utah street in Baltimore. Really has been mis-portrayed. Portrayed as expansion of beer sales but it’ s much more than that… we’re going to find a lot more important revenue streams than opening up another beer tap or two. says this is about making the ballpark a little more attractive for people to mill around, alleviate the congestion of Fenway a bit.