Sean McAdam filled in for Dale Arnold on the WEEI midday show today, teaming with Bob Neumeier. McAdam says he feels unequivocally that there will be a strike by the MLB players in August. It is Red Sox fans biggest fear, that this very good team will not have a chance to show what it can do in the postseason.

They had Bob Dupay, the MLB President, C.O.O. and leader of the labor negotiations on the air during their program today to discuss this situation. He spouted the company line about the owners pledging no lockout this season. McAdam brought up the fear of the players union about rules being implemented after the season without players say. Dupay said there have been no discussions of that kind. He believes the biggest thing needed to change is, the competitive advantage of big market teams needs to be lessened, and for this they have proposed additional revenue sharing, the owners are united on this. They want a 50% share of local TV revenue; the players want it to be 37%. He said the owners have not gone into these negotiations proposing any form of Salary Cap or Luxury tax like other leagues do, the owners just want to even out the revenues and make a more competitive environment. Acknowledged that “some