Bill Simmons tells us how the Celtics rose from the dead.

The Big Show spent the afternoon talking about Roger Clemens getting away from the Red Sox and that Sox fans have no right to be angry with Roger or to boo him tonight. WWZN got some Celtics talk in wit hMike Dowling calling the Nets a “terrible” team other than Jason Kidd. That Kerry Littles shows up one every three games and Van Horn once every four games. They both showed up in game one. Borges said that the Nets don’t run they can’t win. The Celtic talk lasted until Suzyn Waldman showed up, she was a “diehard” Red Sox fan, won’t say where her heart is at now. She talked about Rickey Henderson she was around during his days with the Yankees, and he is extremely popular with his teammates. Roger has been totally accepted by the NY fans now, she says he must’ve been hurt his first year when he struggled. He’s as popular as anyone she’s seen there. Roger and David Wells are more alike than anyone would think, they’re similar, fitting in well together. Sean denied hating Roger, but said Roger wasn’t nice to him because of things his father would write about him. Suzyn talked about how wonderful Joe Torre is to deal with, he “gets it”. All the things that got him fired in St. Louis make him a great manager in NY…because he has talent with the Yankees. In response to a listener question that Jeter is a product of “NY hype”…she didn’t agree with it. He’s lucky to be in NY, but it didn’t make him. “He’s the only everyday player the Yankees cannot lose.” She ended by saying on paper this is a much better Yankee team than last year. Her grandfather watched the 1918 Red Sox World Champions. Mike Gorman was on later in the afternoon, making a point about Antoine’s maturing process. That’s he’s made such strides. The town hasn’t fully embraced them yet, noticed that even today, Pedro was on the front page of the Globe. But this resurgence has been a rebirth for him, as well. For a time he said people treated him like he had a terminal disease, he would tell them what he did and it was almost like “that’s too bad”. But now he’s been in demand because of the success of the team. As he left, he begged them to talk about the Celtics at least 10 more minutes before going back to the Red Sox talk…

Carlos Baerga was on the Big Show this afternoon, and predictably, spent alot of time talking about Manny. Manny wasn’t happy last year, but none of the guys were. Manny is an extremely hard worker, doesn’t care about all the other stuff outside baseball, he shows up early at the park, does his work in the cage, takes a nap, listens to music, gets ready for the game. He didn’t even know Carlos was signed by the Red Sox over the winter. He just does his thing, which is the games. Carlos is amazed at Manny’s talent….Manny doesn’t even know how good he can be. He’s seen him go 3-3 and say he had a bad game, or hit two home runs and say he wasn’t feeling good with how he did. For streches in Cleveland, Manny had gone up to the plate and changed something everytime and gotten hits, batting glove, no glove, black bat, regular bat, heavy bat, didn’t seem to matter.

The YES Network web site is good for some laughs. Great objective journalism on that site. Michael Kay has a story: “Boston’s pitching is not good enough to win a pennant” while his buddy John Sterling’s column is titled “Roger Clemens is one of the all time great Yankee pitchers” Sure, it’s the Yankees network, but they could try to play it straight.