Bob Hohler in the Globe today mentions the “bastion of Red Sox fans who bashed the club for permitting Manny Ramirez to rehab his fractured left index finger at home in Florida.” Aside from a few nitwits who fell for the bait presented by WEEI hosts, there has been NO “bastion” of fans. You get some brainwashed simpletons who get all up in arms after being instigated by talk show hosts that call in and now they make up a “bastion” (What’s a bastion, you ask? Some synonyms are: bulwark, defense, embankment, fort, fortification, rampart, wall…Not sure I can make the connection here.) Jeff Horrigan also picks up the ball, but with some wonderment: “Manny Ramirez’ decision to rehab his fractured left index finger in Miami curiously seems to have irritated countless Red Sox followers” Countless, huh. You could probably count easily the number of blowhards who are “irritated” by Manny. I think more are irritated by the press coverage of it. Always look for the negative, the thing that is going to stir up the audience and whip them into a frenzy. Horrigan at least seems puzzled by the attention it’s gotten, but he’s letting himself be fooled by the few callers of WEEI who don’t not represent the majority of fans.

In a classy move, should the Celtics make the finals, Sean Grande will step aside for a time during a radio broadcast and let Mike Gorman take a turn. That’s one of the interesting media notes presented by Bill Griffith today. WWZN chief Mike Kellog acknowledges the complaints about the poor signal after dark of his station, and Griffith gives us some details on Tommy Heinsohn’s bad back Tuesday. He also says to watch for Pedro on NESN’s postgame “Extra Innings” tonight. Jim Baker has some of the same information and some great quotes from Charles Barkley talking about playing in the old Boston Garden. He also mentions to watch for an ESPN Sportscenter “Showcase” featuring Derek Lowe tonight at 6:00 and tomorrow at 11:00 AM.

The Sox and Yankees will be on NESN tonight at 7:00 with former Sox ace and current villain Roger Clemens pitching for the Yankees against 5-0 John Burkett. Also on tonight is game 3 of the NBA Western Conference Finals, Lakers against Kings from Los Angeles at 9:00 on NBC.