NESN Red Sox studio host Tom Caron is up for his approval ratings today. NESN's Tom Caron

The versatile Caron hosts the pre and post game shows for the Red Sox telecasts on NESN, and is also a Hockey East play-by-play announcer for the network.

He has been making regular appearances on WEEI recently,(where he is often confused with Tom Curran) both the Big Show as well as filling in on the mid-day show.

In addition he writes a regular column for the Portland Press-Herald.



23 thoughts on “Approval Ratings – Tom Caron

  1. He’s fine, I guess. I just wish he wouldn’t yell at me all the time.

    And he’s creepy looking. Disapprove!

  2. Tom E Curran is a lot better. Tom Caron from NESN has the annoying habit of slowing down his delivery at……the..…end……of…….each……SENTENCE.

    And with that fivehead his dome is probably bigger than many of the HD screens owned by NESN’s viewership.

  3. Would not know – have never seen his work on NESN – it does sound like he’s yelling all the time.

    I have a friend who’s kids have been on or against Tom’s childrens teams over the years. Says he’s a nice guy – that’s good enough for me.

  4. He also has the exact same voice as Sean Grande. Grande, Caron and Curran would be a very confusing Big Show.

  5. Harmless … no real talent but he’s clearly a good cat.
    Unfortunately, average-looking middle-age men don’t fair well at NESN (Rodgers, Devlin, Arnold, the tubby former weekend guy,etc).

    I approve … but he’ll soon be replaced by K-Tap.

  6. He does pretty well at a difficult job. Transitions well from in-studio dialogue to highlight packages to remotes. His voice is poor – hoarse, grating and loud – but seems a decent bloke and causes no harm.

  7. I actually think he does a good job for NESN. He has the “agility” to deal with different not-ready-for-primetime studio guests (outside of Eck, who is fantastic)and he also has a grasp of the psyche of sox fans.

  8. Nothing wrong with a bald dude having some success. Anyone who doesn’t like him is a baldist.

  9. There are way too many ‘I-like-to-hear-myself-talk’ TV sports hacks out there, and Tom is one of them. Sadly, his ‘nails-on-blackboard’ voice elevates him to the top of that list. Also, he’s just woefully error-prone. He made so many mistakes doing the Hockey East telecasts that I lost count. His biggest was ‘insisting’ that Boston College would be rewarded with a #1 seed in the NCAAs by virtue of a win against Vermont in the Hockey East final. Thankfully, he was aided by someone who knew about the NCAA college hockey selection process. Tom was politely corrected. But overall, Tom is tough on the ears. I just wish he knew how much.

  10. Just wish he used his real voice. Just imagine a both him and Meter doing play-by-play. (shudder)

  11. I don’t know how a guy like this works for one of the biggest sports teams in the country. He hit the lottery, basically.

  12. He’s a little odd looking but I think he is masterful at running a studio show. Look at who NESN sits next to him (besides Eck): Jim Rice, Ken Macha, Jim Corsi, Sam Horn…good lord. He can translate 30 seconds of JimEd’s babbling into something half coherent for the viewers…that takes serious talent

  13. Why is he yelling most of the time.His voice is grating. I tend to change station when he starts talking.

  14. I approve and like Tom Caron, but wonder if he needs his
    hearing checked.
    Many people that talk really loud have a hearing problem.

    He seems like he is yelling in normal conversation.

  15. He’s terrible. He’s like a robot. A loud, human robot. I’m Tom Caron! I’m on television!! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!!!

  16. I would give Caron the hook. He talks so fast and his diction gets muddled so that he becomes nonunderstandable and totally incomprehensible. Can’t believe that he has more than 1,000 “approval” votes. And, I concur with the folks who say, “Why is he always yelling at us?” Hurts me, as a French Canadian, to knock him. There aren’t that many of us out there in the public spotlight, but he’s hurting us.

  17. Tom Caron is way too loud. He appears to be hollering all the time. I wonder who he knows at the network. He certainly could not get a job at a nationwide network. His knowledge of Baseabll is also questionable.

  18. NESN management needs to somehow adjust the modulation of Tom Caron’s voice. It sometimes actually mskes my eardrums hurt. he is a ni ce gut, but his sing-songy, quick, grating voice makes me change the channel very often

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