The Planet Mikey show is no more.

Effective immediately.

WEEI removes longtime host Mike Adams from evening program – Finn.

A Phil Zachary quote in that article reads:

“As you know, WEEI has extensively–and successfully–revamped every major weekday show over the last three years. The time is right to extend that thinking to nights.”

Two of those moves have involved bringing back longtime hosts who had been removed from their shows, namely Dale Arnold and Glenn Ordway.

I can only assume that this means the return of Ted Sarandis is imminent.



12 thoughts on “WEEI Commits Mundicide

  1. The Globe article noted this guy had won a couple Emmy Awards, which is nothing more than media hacks backslapping other media hacks.


    1. I will miss Mikey, his show was great entertainment for my long commute home after work.
      He didn’t take everything so seriously, which was very refreshing. It was a comedy show based on sports. Why was he let go? Was it soft ratings? Was there an incident? I can’t find anything about the reasons. I hope he turns up somewhere.


    2. Chris, Your ignorance is showing. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has been recognizing excellence in broadcasting for over 60 years. Who ever received an Emmy was deserving. Your trolling is deserved of nothing but repudiation.


  2. So what was the straw that broke the camel’s back? I mean, other than Mike not knowing much outside of the Red Sox (of today but mostly yesterday) and the Celtics (same).

    And what of Lenny Megliola!? I miss his dulcet tones emanating from my radio each night.


    1. Others left in the lurch – Bill Lee, The Sam Adams Beer Guy, Big Pussy from Sopranos, and “Adam Wins”

      On the plus side they can probably take Lucy and the rest of the email females out of Witsec.


  3. As Bruce said, the return of Ted S. must be imminent now…..can’t wait for the endless hours of college basketball talk in a market that has never been remotely interested in college basketball (at least not compared with other areas of the USA). That, and the renewed call for a retractable roof stadium to replace Fenway. Teddy really knows his audience!


    1. I don’t think Ted Sarandis will be getting his show back. Let’s say there might be a little too much water under that bridge. My money says they do an innovative (read that talk to several consultants) brainstorm of what they could do nights and then they will settle on Mike Muttnansky. In an ideal world they would do some long form show like the now number 1 rated evening news talker in NYC (John Bachelor) only focused on sports. It will not happen because for some reason both WEEI and 98.5 are convinced we will not listen if we can’t call in.


  4. We are going to miss Mike. My wife doesn’t care for sport talk shows but she loved Mike Adams. It is a disgrace to let him go.


  5. Next time Adams gets a chance to do a sports show he should drop the Bill Murray 70’s act , not funny in the least , tuned in many times and immediately tuned out , he’s his own biggest fan .


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